Media Outraged That Trump Isn’t Funding Tech to Help Foreign Dissidents Overthrow Their Governments

“With their enhanced physical abilities and complete disregard for life, Cyberpsychos are extremely dangerous to anyone that crosses their path.” -The CyberPunk 2077 Fandom Wiki

We’re told that there was a time when the left was against war. Possibly, that was around the time that dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Now, what we know is that the leftist media is complaining, nonstop, that Donald Trump is not doing enough to undermine and overthrow foreign governments.

We are told continually by this media that it is the duty of the American taxpayer to fund revolutions all across the planet, so that Hollywood anal culture can dominate the earth.

The Guardian:

The Trump administration has stopped vital technical assistance to pro-democracy groups in Belarus, Hong Kong and Iran, which had helped activists evade state surveillance and sidestep internet censorship.

The Open Technology Fund (OTF) has had to stop all its operations in Belarus, and many of its activities supporting civil society in Hong Kong and Iran, because a congressionally-mandated grant of nearly $20m has been withheld by a new Trump appointee, Michael Pack.

The OTF is a small non-profit organisation that develops technologies for evading cyber-surveillance and for circumventing internet and radio blackouts imposed by authoritarian regimes. It provides daily help to pro-democracy movements in installing and maintaining them, with the aim of staying at least one step ahead of the state.

The chair of the OTF board, Karen Kornbluh, said the end of funding from the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM), which Pack has been running since June, would mean that activists living under repressive regimes were at increased risk.

“They are more vulnerable,” Kornbluh told the Guardian. “It means from a US perspective, it’s really undermining this core tool that we have for protecting democratic values and protecting those who are seeking their freedoms overseas.”

She added the freeze also meant that the populations in those countries will find it harder to listen to the Voice of America, the USAGM’s flagship broadcaster, and USAGM-funded stations like Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Radio Free Asia, because it would be more difficult to overcome state jamming methods.

“We have these agencies and we’re kneecapping them,” said Kornbluh, a former US ambassador and now director of the digital innovation and democracy initiative at the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Pack had agreed over a month ago to appear before the House foreign affairs committee on Thursday, but cancelled with a few days notice and then ignored a committee subpoena to attend.

Since taking over USAGM in June, Pack – an ally of the rightwing ideologue and former Trump adviser Stephen Bannon – purged all the top management and boards of the broadcasters under its control, froze spending, and elevated the profile of pro-administration comment in relation to news.

Imagine if China was developing and releasing software for American political dissidents to evade spying by the FBI.

Can you imagine it?

We’ve been told that it is election meddling for Russia to print English-language media that doesn’t blindly support Democrats. They literally claim that it is election meddling for Russia to print anything that disagrees with globalism.

Meanwhile, they are operating massive programs to totally undermine the sovereign governments of every country in the world that isn’t 100% on-board with an ultra-anal overload run by women.

Despite the fact that Trump has Mike Pompeo in his cabinet, he’s spoken consistently against globalism. He is the first president since Jimmy Carter to not start a new war in his first term. The opposition is as angry about this as they are about the fact that he doesn’t think white people deserve to be killed in the streets.

Regardless of what anyone’s view is on forcing countries to become democracies, we need an explanation as to why it is the job of America to go out into the world and be the democracy enforcer. If we are going to do this, and we are ourselves a democracy, we should vote on it.

If we’re going to interfere in the crisis in Wakanda, the people should make the decision.