Media Now Hyping Up “Children Sick with Coronavirus”

Remember when various morons claimed that I was being hysterical, and the coronavirus hoax was sure to end?

I remember, and I don’t even have a very good memory. I remember because people were saying it up until a couple weeks ago.

People were actually stupid enough to deny my untarnished record of accurate predictions, and claim that the CDC removing the mask mandate (now back!) meant that things were going to start winding down.

In fact, exactly what I said would happen did happen: the overlords gave us a brief period of respite during the summer months, and are now preparing to go into ultra lockdown mode.

This is the top of Google News:

The stories about it being dangerous for kids are especially concerning.

This is clearly part of a ramp-up to vaxxing the kiddies.


The polarization surrounding mask mandates is deepening as some state and local officials spar on how to approach face coverings protocols in schools, a debate unfolding as more children contract Covid-19.

In Florida, which as the second-highest rate of new cases per capita after Louisiana, children’s hospitals and staff are “overwhelmed,” said Dr. Aileen Marty, an infectious disease expert at Florida International University.

“The numbers of cases in our hospitals in children and our children’s hospitals are completely overwhelmed,” Marty told CNN’s Jim Sciutto on Friday evening.

“Our pediatricians, the nursing, the staff are exhausted, and the children are suffering. And it is absolutely devastating. … Our children are very much affected. We’ve never seen numbers like this before,” she said.

Marty noted that Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami is at 116% occupancy for Covid-19 patients.

The Covid-19 surge fueled by the rapid spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus across the US is happening as millions of children are returning to schools, reigniting the conversation on mitigation measures that aim to lower virus transmission so students can safely be in the classroom.

The Hill:

The number of sick children in Louisiana and Florida has drastically increased within the past couple of weeks.

It is unclear why more children are sick due to the delta variant outbreak, but medical experts believe the surges are because of how easy it is for the virus to circulate in an unvaccinated population.

From the beginning of the pandemic, children made up 14.3 percent of all cases. Now, children with COVID-19 represent 19 percent in weekly reported cases from July 15 to July 29.

This is clearly bullshit.

I would have a hard time even dignifying it with a reply.

But here, I’ll try: do you know anyone who has kids that has been hospitalized for coronavirus? 

I can pretty well guarantee that none of the few hundred thousand people that will read these words will have heard of any single child being hospitalized under the pretext of coronavirus.

The media is just making it up.

This is also something I warned you of: the censorship has created a situation where the government/media machine can just print whatever, and no one has any way of knowing any different.

  • Most journalists believe in the hoax
  • If a journalist did go to one of these pediatric hospitals and try to get in to investigate, they wouldn’t be allowed in
  • If they somehow managed to get in, found that the whole thing was a hoax, and tried to print it, whoever they work for would refuse to print it
  • If whoever they worked for agreed to print it, it would be completely censored as “disinformation”

There are no guardrails left to prevent these people from just making things up, outright.

I suspect that drumming up this “children sick with Covid” hoax will be the first major operation of just completely falsifying an entire phenomenon that is supposedly happening right down the street from you.

We are of course used to the media spinning things, selectively choosing what to report, manufacturing fake quotes, drumming up hysteria, manipulating polls and other statistics, and so on. Still, we do not expect the media to simply make something up outright – especially if that something is supposedly happening in America.

We tend to assume that they wouldn’t do it because it would be impossible. The truth would have to get out.

But what is that process now?

Seriously: explain the process through which the truth would get out if the media had just totally invented a fake story about children getting sick with the deadly coronavirus?

There is no such process.

If it did get out, it would just be immediately censored by everyone. Basically, anyone who would report it is already censored. What’s more, it would only be a single source, and you wouldn’t be able to confirm it. Meanwhile, the entire media would be moving in lockstep to confirm it as absolute truth.

You’ve already seen them openly fake the numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths. They’re just upping the ante, and creating a new invisible fake crisis.

This is going to be everything now. It’s just all going to be completely fake.

I’m still figuring out how exactly I’m going to operate as a journalist who tends to rely on some truth being communicated by the mainstream media.