Media and Government Now Forced to Admit the “Pandemic” is Over – New Estimate is 60,000 Dead

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 9, 2020

They are still doing their best to hype it up, but the media is now forced to admit that the fake flu pandemic is coming to a close, as the government recalibrates its estimated death toll to 60,400.

And what is the “climbing death toll”?

Well, we’re closing in on a total of 15,000.

So we’re still not approaching anything close to the average flu death toll.

And there is no possibility that we will reach anything close to the average flu death toll. Instead, we will have a standard flu year, where the coronavirus, being a strand of the flu, is combined with the flu strands to come up with a death toll of around 50,000. Significantly less than the death toll of 2017-18, when 80,000 people died. Mind you, that is with the fake CDC guidelines inflating the numbers.

Dr. Deborah Birx herself admitted this week that they are padding the numbers by including anyone who dies with the virus as dying of the virus.

Further, there is no evidence that the “lockdown” measures saved any lives. Most people are infected by people they live with, meaning the whole thing was pointless.

Of course, it did save a lot of lives of people who would have died in car crashes, workplace accidents, or been shot by the blacks. But it likely did not prevent any flu deaths. That’s based on the logic that you get sick from people you’re close to, but also based on comparisons with Sweden, South Korea, China and other countries that did not do a lockdown.

The government is now once again scaling back its doomsday prophecy.

The small rat Anthony S. Fauci has come out and said that instead of his latest number of 94,000 deaths, he’s predicting 60,400 deaths. He’s just going to come out with progressively lower numbers and claim that it is “new data.” Well, we’ve had the amount of data we needed since the outbreak in Italy: this is the flu. Everything it does is exactly like the flu. There is no difference. Because of that, we can use the models of every previous flu year to estimate deaths.

Fauci should be put on trial after this is over.

Do you know that this is the same sonovabitch who said that there was no relationship between the gay lifestyle and AIDS?

This tiny sonovabitch claimed that millions were going to die. Then last week he claimed that hundreds of thousands were going to die. Now he’s still lying, saying 60,400 are going to die.

Where are these 45,000 deaths supposed to come from, Fauci? It’s already spring! The birds are chirping! Faggot!

All these people they put on TV have such trustworthy faces.

Fauci preached doom during the AIDS hoax. He first claimed it wasn’t related to gay anal sex, all of the diseases gays get, all of the antibiotics and recreational drugs they take. Then he said that because it wasn’t related to that, anyone could get it, and basically if you have sex with your girlfriend you’re going to die.

They literally brought in a famous disease hoaxer to shill this coronavirus hoax.

Well, I guess with the government and media backing off, the only eternal defenders of the hoax will be neo-Nazis. They will be out there saying “no, you can’t let people out of their houses! You have to keep them locked down indefinitely! We could all die from the flu, and we’re scared! Donald Trump is bad if he doesn’t take away all our rights and leave us locked in our houses until August!”

Maybe they’ll march on the streets to keep people in their houses.

“Stay inside, my fellow Aryans. This is not just the flu.”

None of it is what I was expecting.

What a completely weird nightmare.