Media Matters Kikes Attack Distinguished Colored Gentleman Jesse Lee Peterson

Daily Stormer
September 10, 2018

A while back I did an appearance on the show of Negro community leader Jesse Lee Peterson. He’s interviewed several of our guys and always given them a fair shake. I really enjoyed being on his show and he seemed like a pretty decent guy. Whatever racial, political, and religious differences we have aside, he’d be welcome at my dinner table any day. I talked about how the Jewish campaign of the Civil Rights Movement hasn’t really done any good for the black community– per capita wealth and happiness has universally gone down as a result, and the only thing that has gone up is incarceration and mortality rates. I think we found a lot of common ground on the interview.

Now I find out that he’s being attacked by the Jews as a result.

His piece, at WorldNetDaily:

Far left website Media Matters did another hit piece on me. This time they’re calling me a “racist” and “white supremacist” (of all things!).

Note that they’re calling a black man who has dedicated his life to the salvation and advancement of black youth a white supremacist. The level of absurdity that kikes are willing to layer in the assault of anybody who disagrees with the mainstream narrative is bottomless.

This George Soros-funded, multimillion-dollar so-called watchdog was founded by radical homosexual, leftist activist, Clinton supporter David Brock. Media Matters president Angelo Carusone, another radical homosexual, former leader of “Stop Beck,” now wants to “Dump Trump.” Angelo goes after corporate advertisers to try to get successful show hosts off the air. These people stir up minions to organize mass “flagging” campaigns, hitting conservatives on YouTube and Facebook with “Community Guidelines” violations. They call anyone telling the truth “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” “Islamophobic,” and/or “bigoted.” But they’re truly the hateful ones.

Two liberal writersMadeline Peltz and Talia Lavin – wrote the Media Matters Sept. 5 blog post: “YouTube banned Alex Jones, but it’s letting white supremacist content thrive: Creators are profiting off hateful content.”

Talia is an angry pro-abortion feminist who hates men and hates God.

Personally, I’m amazed that Jesse had the discipline and decorum to not mention anything about how these bitches look.

You’d hate Nature’s God too if he made you look like this.

Listen, Jesse, each and every person you just listed is Jewish, except for Angelo Carusone, who is gay and married to an extremely wealthy Jewish oligarch. It’s Jews and their partners, entirely. The problem with your response here is that it entirely misses what is going on. Not all of these people are steeped in homosexuality, nor are all of them prominent feminists. The thing that they all have in common is their involvement in Judaism. It’s not a homosexual mob that is attacking you, nor is it a feminist one. It’s a Jewish one, and you’ll have trouble effectively dealing with it if you don’t identify the common thread of the Christ-killing thugs that took aim at you.

His top commenters definitely know the score, though. These niggas be woke af. 

He continues on, broaching the unforgivable sin that got him targeted by a vast international Jewish conspiracy: having a polite discussion with people who think Jews are doing bad things with the disproportionate power they’ve accrued.

These dishonest women wrote that I “gave a platform” to so-called “neo-Nazi” Andrew Auernheimer, AKA “weev.” I interview all sorts of angry “extremists” (including liberals) in order to get the truth out, and help listeners. But they accused me of allowing Andrew “to spew anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic hate with zero pushback.” That’s a lie.

Notice he put so-called in front of neo-Nazi, the latter of which he put in quotes. Normal, productive people cannot buy the neo-Nazi slur anymore. They obviously will not swallow the idea that a friendly person who they have a civil discussion with is the equivalent of some retarded groups of street goons that have been marching since the 70s and accomplishing nothing. People of all races are tiring of hearing that everyone who disagrees with Jews is a neo-Nazi. It has gotten really old. Nobody believes it anymore.

Let’s see what the filthy Christ-killers have to say about Jesse.

Media Matters:

Peterson’s YouTube content contains a torrent of anti-Black, anti-gay, and misogynistic hate. In July 2018, he announced it was “white history month,”, saying, “Happy white history month, white folks., Tthis is your country, thank you –, I appreciate it.”

Honestly Jesse, we appreciate your gratitude. It would go very far for modern race relations if non-Europeans were thankful for the generosity, kindness, science, and infrastructure that white people had given them out of Christian charity. I can honestly say that if the black community would listen to men like JLP, they would get a lot farther in life and stay out of prison and trouble, instead being occupied with raising healthy families.

In a video titled “Most Blacks Are Mentally Retarded!” Peterson said Jim Crow laws were good for Black people because they helped their “mentality” and that “most Blacks today, as I mentioned, most Blacks today — unlike the days when I was growing up — are mentally ill, they’re mentally retarded.”

HA HA. Honestly though, this is the kind of thing you see from a black man that really cares about his community. The reality of modern life for blacks means a skyrocketing murder rate, generations on welfare, and black men committed to prisons in huge numbers. Becoming the tools of the Jewish civil rights movement destroyed their communities. After slavery ended, blacks and whites still had extremely good relations in the United States. Most slaves went back to work for their old masters, and period accounts of people who lived through slavery frequently expressed fondness for the slavery era and regret at the end of the institution, because blacks who were left to their own devices frequently got in trouble and committed acts of violence against one another.

But still, from the time slavery ended to the time that the Jews began agitating the blacks to do the civil rights movement– allegedly to benefit the black community but in fact destroying it solely for the advancement of Jewry– blacks and whites actually got along pretty well. There was not a lot of strife in interracial relations before the 1950s, and it was invented entirely by broadcast media.

The farther back in civilization you go, the more white civilization had carefully set up rules that allowed blacks to thrive amongst themselves and avoiding the hazards of liberties they weren’t entirely ready for. It was common sense up until just a short time ago that blacks had a specific rung on the civilizational pyramid and they needed more time to mature as a culture and people and evolve to the point where they were ready to have more privileges in white society.

Now Jesse is the kind of older black man that inherently understands the hazards that have been laid in the path of black youth and has dedicated his life to trying to prevent young black men from making the kinds of mistakes he sees repeatedly in his communities. Media Matters would pretend that he’s some kind of white supremacist for wanting to break the cycle of welfare and violence that have plagued his people since they abandoned God and took in the state as their masters.

Peterson described transgender people as “messed up,” “abnormal,” “confused” people who’ve “been traumatized.” He said refusing to recognize transgender people might help them “overcome their traumas.”

Definitely a kinder man than me– I think we should just throw trannies off of roofs.

On The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, Peterson gave a platform to notorious neo-Nazi Andrew Auernheimer, also known as “weev,” to spew anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic hate with zero pushback. In the video titled “WEEV! White Nationalism, Jews, Homosexuals, and Black people – Daily Stormer,” Aurenheimer identified himself as a white nationalist and called the FBI “a Jewish terror organization.”

Where’s the lie?

and He said he doesn’t live in the United States because it’s a country “full of whores and faggots and pornography and wickedness.” He called for America to become a white ethnostate because Black people are “the tools of Jewry” who “betrayed the values of all common decency [and] of morality.” He said, “Righteousness and color are equivalent, because segregation increases trust within a society.”

Pretty solid quotes coming from me to be honest fam.

For the record, I didn’t call for America to become a white ethnostate. I definitely do not even like the word ethnostate, as it doesn’t win the multivariate test. I personally usually call for the demographic balance that existed before the Immigration Act of 1965 (which was promised at the time to not change the demographics of America) and the reinstitution of segregation and abolition of the Civil Rights Act on the grounds that it violates the Constitutional right to freedom of association. But I don’t call for America to become a “white ethnostate”, as I have never felt that such a call is very realistic as a policy point.

But that’s beside the point. The reality is that Talia Lavin has been personally trying to deplatform and get The Daily Stormer shut down all across the Internet. She once wrote an article in the New Yorker describing her criminal harassment and tortuous interference in Anglin’s business by harassing his internet infrastructure providers. Anglin’s writeup on it here. She’s just trying to branch out and wipe every mention of The Daily Stormer that is not controlled by Jewish media off the Internet.

Jesse’s production assistant emailed me and told me they’ve rehosted the interview I’m featured in on BitChute and on DropBox after removing it and other nationalist and dissident right interviews from YouTube in an effort to protect the channel from a mass flagging campaign.

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