Media: Joe Biden has a 91% Chance of Winning the Election

This is from The Economist today:

The media is reporting it, aggressively:

I seem to remember something like this before…

Ah. Yes.

This is a scam, like it was a scam last time.

They are planning to do massive election fraud, like they did last time.

What we have to do is overwhelm it.

We have to get higher than 60% on election night, and Donald Trump has to claim victory before they start finding secret mail-in ballots. If he claims victory, then it’s up to them to come take it from him.

In that situation, if they send in the FBI, he needs to order the military to shut down the FBI. If the generals squeal, he needs to order soldiers to relieve any single officer who is questioning his orders.

The soldiers will follow Trump’s orders before that of their sickening gay bastard generals. Guaranteed.

We may be called to go out into the streets.

If that happens, you really don’t want to engage Antifa. They are infinite respawn.

But we are going to do what the President tells us to do.

Stand by.