Media: Jews are the Real Victims

This is a real headline from The Telegraph:

The real victims are the Jews and their ice cream parlors.

You can go read the article if you care. I’m going to assume you don’t care enough for me to quote it. It’s just a long thing about how Palestinians are terrorizing innocent Israelis.


Of course, some Palestinian is going to do something to strike back.

But you have to note the lack of proportionality here: vandalizing an ice cream parlor or a synagogue at night is not the same thing as leveling an entire city and killing hundreds of people.

Also, fighting back is not the same thing as attacking.

The Palestinians are totally helpless people. They do not have an army, they do not even have a country. All they have is a constantly shrinking “territory” that is administered by people trying to exterminate them.

So sure, they’re going to lash out in any way they can to try to defend their basic dignity as men while the Jews are humiliating and destroying them.

Painting Jews as victims is beyond the pale.