Media Hypes Up 1 Million Corona Infections – But There Were 2.6 Million in New York Alone

A true believer checks his phone.

As they continue their war against their own invisible enemy – the truth and reality – the media is going nuts today hyping up an alleged 1 million coronavirus infections in the United States.

They are now calling them “confirmed cases” instead of “cases,” but the implication is that this is the total number of cases.

This is so absurd, it’s difficult to even process.

According to Andrew Cuomo himself – Saint Nipples the Plagueslayer – there were 2,600,000 infections in New York alone.

This is a study that he ordered.

New York Times, April 24, 2020:

If the state’s numbers indicated the true incidence of the virus, they would mean that more than 1.7 million people in New York City, and more than 2.6 million people statewide, have already been infected.

I told you this data was going to be buried, but it’s really a shock to be sitting here less than a week later and just have the media acting like it never happened.

The Times acted like “oh well, if it’s true…” – but no one has claimed it isn’t true. No expert has come out and said that they disagree with the findings. The only thing that has happened is that they’ve not talked about it. Cuomo announced it at a press conference, a few articles were published on back pages, then it disappeared, and they went on with business as usual.

For those who might not understand the relevance: we know the death count (sort of – the death count they give is bigger than the real number, but we do have a number), so a significantly higher infection rate means a significantly lower risk of dying if infected.

The numerator can be manipulated to an extent, but it is much easier to manipulate the denominator. These people in the media are posting these totally insane graphs, which have zero connection to reality, in order to keep up the panic. Claiming that only 1,000,000 people have been infected is part of that same agenda.

With that chart, the numbers on the left are based on a math equation where the numerator is the number of people who died and the denominator is an estimate of the number of people who were infected based on random testing. The numbers on the right, on the other hand, use the numerator of the number of people who died and the denominator of the number of people who went to the hospital to seek treatment and were tested.

Meanwhile, every major random testing has shown that most people never experience symptoms. In Chelsea, Massachusetts, 200 people were tested and 32% had the antibodies. Not one of them reported having been sick.

The virus appears to be highly infectious, and not really very deadly at all. However, it may be that the lockdown itself is drastically increasing the infection rate. A system where you are locked in houses and apartments with recirculating air, while also allowed to crowd into a supermarket as many times a week as you wish – and are advised for the first six weeks to NOT wear a mask, because it could increase your likelihood of getting infected – is going to increase the infection rate to some degree over the infection rate you would have if you did nothing. That is simply an obvious fact.

The normal infection rate in the winter time for the flu is 5%. When you’re getting numbers like 21% or 32%, something is going on. Maybe this virus is just that much more infectious, which would actually make these feeble attempts to contain it even dumber, or maybe the lockdown system is just causing it to spread at an extreme rate. It’s probably a combination.

The bottom line, however, is that there are probably ten million people, perhaps even more, who have been infected with the virus in the United States and recovered without having symptoms at all or at least without having symptoms worthy of seeking treatment for, and fewer than 60,000 have died from it (again, according to their own exaggerated numbers). That is a very, very low case fatality rate.

But the media is just going to keep lying, and it is going to take a lot of people a lot longer to figure all of this out, because they are being inundated nonstop with panic propaganda, and their lizard brain is responding to it on a visceral level.

Beyond that, it is human nature to believe a consensus, and assume that anyone who is speaking out against a consensus is an enemy of the people, or lying. Such has been the burden I’ve had to bear for a long time, and I will continue on in this until such time as I am ordered to drink hemlock.