Media Highlights Couple in Their 80s Pushed Into Poverty by “Pandemic”

I just want to remind you: the “pandemic” didn’t take anyone’s job.

Even if there was a “pandemic,” which I don’t personally believe, the government made the decision to close everything down, and they made that decision based on the advice of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, an employee of Bill Gates.

Ultimately, the process was made possible by the media, and the mass censorship machine created by the media. Without the censorship, real information about what was going on would have been widely available, and people would have refused to go along with the lockdown.

There are endless horror stories about the results of this media and government decision to destroy the economy. But ones involving old people are probably especially sad, and especially ironic, since it was old people we were supposed to be protecting from the alleged deadly flu virus.


Dan and Grace Porte worked together for decades.

In the 1970s, they started a paint and wallpaper business. Then, after the housing bubble burst in the Great Recession, the couple delivered cars for Enterprise. Five years later, they were fielding customer returns at Target.

But the pandemic brought that to an end. Now, in their mid-80s, the Portes are unemployed.

They’re among thousands of older Americans pushed out of work since the spring. The Covid recession has sidelined many of them for long stretches — making it harder to get another job at an age that makes employers already be less inclined to hire them.

The Portes, who live in Richmond, Virginia, don’t hold a grudge. In fact, losing their jobs likely saved their lives due to their heightened Covid risk, they said.

That is disinformation, spread by virulent extremists linked to Anthony Fauci, famous spreader of the hoax that heterosexuals could get HIV-AIDS.

But they’d like to work again, when they feel it’s safe to do so. They miss their co-workers, the camaraderie, meeting new people, the exercise. Money has also been tight without the extra income.

“I enjoyed so much visiting the people in the store, doing the job we did and getting away from the house,” Dan, 86, said.

“We’d still work if anyone would let us,” he added. “When you get to this age, people don’t look at you for work.”

Long-term unemployment

Two million people over age 55 were unemployed in January, according to an analysis of federal data published by the AARP Public Policy Institute. They accounted for roughly 1 in 5 jobless Americans.

Like the Portes, many out-of-work seniors are “long-term unemployed,” meaning they’ve been out of a job at least six months, a period of greater financial risk. Half of jobless workers over age 55 were long-term unemployed in January, compared with 35% of younger adults, according to AARP.

So far, Dan and Grace have been able to make ends meet with Social Security. But money is tight.

They relied on jobs at Target, where they worked four days a week, to supplement Social Security benefits. The retailer furloughed the couple in March but kept them on payroll, even upping their pay to $15 an hour, a $2 raise. In late April, they lost the jobs outright.

Unemployment aid helped for a while but ran out in September. They don’t have retirement savings to fall back on, either — a broker put their nest egg in an investment that went bust in the 2008 financial crisis, costing them approximately $240,000.

“There it went,” Grace, 85, said of the money. “I said, ‘I think maybe we should get a job’ when Dan asked what we should do.”

It goes on and on about the lives of this couple, but basically it’s the story of growing up in an age of incredible wealth and opportunity, and then being humiliated as old people forced to work minimum wage jobs to keep from starving to death.

Now, the government has taken those minimum wage jobs from them.

How can anyone possibly frame this as “progress”? Even without the fake pandemic, the fact that the average person in America is getting poorer and poorer each year should have been something that bothered everyone in society.

Especially given that we know that the money is all going to a tiny elite minority. It isn’t disappearing into thin air. A group of very rich people have sucked all of this wealth up, primarily using the wizardry of finance.

It’s also been given to immigrants, who have been allowed to flood into our country and feed off of our collective national wealth.

Apparently, however, this didn’t bother people. Apparently, everyone was pretty much okay with this situation.

That’s how we got here.

After the first economy crisis in 2008, people were actually talking about this wealth gap. Occupy Wall Street made charts and graphs about it.

Now, of course, all you hear about is how whites have more money than blacks, which is just a stupid thing to talk about at all – go look at how blacks live, and then ask yourself why they don’t have any money.

Furthermore, the wealthy elite minority call themselves “white” (despite that 40% of them are Jewish) and then claim that these old people who have to work at Target are the real “white enemy.”

All of this stuff about race or women or whatever other thing is just a huge scam to cover up the fact that our entire society is being looted by a tiny minority. That is why it is promoted by all of these elites. They want to move the target from themselves to normal white people.