Media Explains How Brenton Tarrant Could Have Gotten a Way Higher Score

Daily Stormer
March 19, 2019

Daily Mail Australia warned people about “a mistake” that prevented Knight Templar Brenton Tarrant from taking out more Moslems, presumably because they want future Knight Templars to have an even higher kill count.

Daily Mail:

A simple geographic error from the accused Australian terrorist saved dozens of lives at one of the two Christchurch mosques he allegedly opened fire on.

Brenton Tarrant burst in to Linwood mosque at the opposite end of its prayer room, where about 100 worshippers were preparing for their Friday prayers.

The 28-year-old allegedly started shooting at a window, alerting those at the other end of building ‘something was happening’.

Mohammed Akheel Uddin, a witness who survived the attack, said if Tarrant had entered via the main entrance, the carnage would have been far greater.

‘I broke my prayer and I saw from the window three dead bodies,’ Uddin told stuff.

‘I said ”Get down, something is happening outside. Get on the floor”. Then I saw him (Tarrant), he was six to eight feet in front of me.

‘By the time he was in the right place, we hid ourselves. It was panic. It was a terrible situation. If he came straight away to the main door, everybody would maybe not be here.’

Good to know, Daily Mail.

As you can see, not all news outlets are working against whites. Some, such as Daily Mail, are against the brown hordes.

Why else would they provide useful advice for such violent situations?

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