Media Endorses White Supremacist Former Miami Beach Mayor’s Call for Ethnic Cleansing of the City

For those who are yet to understand that the white men who run the media are indeed white supremacists, look no further than the recent calls by the media to “shut down the party” in Miami Beach. This is an open call for ethnic cleansing.

The white men who control the media – from Arthur Sulzberger to Martin Baron, and from Jeff Zucker and Noah Oppenheim, it’s all white men – claim to be “progressive” and “tolerant,” and yet, they never miss a chance to bark out a dog whistle.

The Miami Herald printed this latest hate screed and open call for genocide, but none of the rest of the media takes issue with it or calls it out. The Herald is run by virulent white supremacist Nancy Meyer. The hate screed was syndicated by Yahoo! News, which is owned by Apollo Global Management, an investment company run by white supremacist Marc Rowan. It also appeared at the top of Google News. Google is run by white supremacists Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

This Herald article is of course written by a white supremacist – Philip Levine. But he’s no standard skin-hater – he’s the former Mayor of Miami Beach, and a powerful advocate for white racial superiority in American politics.

Maimi Herald:

There comes a time in life when everyone and everything must grow up. Whether it be teenagers assuming adulthood responsibilities or cities that realize their once “anything goes” party atmosphere has become major liability, instead of an asset.

What was once considered “cool” eventually becomes “uncool.” Coconut Grove made a change. So did Fort Lauderdale and Panama City. Now it’s Miami Beach’s turn.

Yes, it was fun while it lasted — all-night partying with locals, tourists and celebrities alike out until 5 a.m., enjoying the clubs on Ocean Drive and Washington Avenue. The party lasted till breakfast, and sometimes later.

Miami Beach has had many incarnations. From Carl Fisher’s original vision of a dreamy winter paradise to America’s “Most Luxurious Boot Camp” during World War II to the Rat Pack’s stomping ground to its reinvention as a hip spot for models surrounded by historically preserved Art Deco buildings.

Miami Beach will continue to transform itself in a positive way as long as we are not afraid of change. We listened to businessman Norman Braman when he brought us Art Basel, which sent a strong signal to the world that Miami Beach was becoming not the the cultural capital of the world, instead of the Spring Break capital of the world. Because of this powerful messaging and, now, with a new amazing Convention Center — and, soon, an adjoining hotel — Miami Beach has attracted many world-class conferences that decided our city offered the right stuff for their attendees to have a safe and enriching experience.

But the Beach still is transmitting the wrong signal to the world. Even as multimillion-dollar homes are being sold to buyers fleeing New York, and its with massive tax bills, bringing revenue that will pay for our schools, parks and police, we have been telling the world that our city is a lawless, all-night, do-as-you-please party mecca.

The entertainment district, a small area of town now unsafe for residents and families to visit, has been the unfortunate scene of chaos and crime — including murder — that make negative headlines worldwide. This area, this cancerous tumor, needs to be eradicated and reimagined.

You read that right – people of color trying to express their vibrancy are a “cancerous tumor” that “needs to be eradicated.”

He goes on to say that there should be more police in Miami Beach genociding people of color.

This is not even a dog whistle – it’s a dog tuba!

This is like something straight out of a piece of Hitler hate literature.

Still think speech isn’t violence?

You’re always going to have hate-filled white supremacists like Levine spewing virulent racism against people of color. The problem is that the media gives him a voice, turning his hate speech, which should exist in a dark alley, into a bullhorn.

In fact, Levine never could have become the Mayor of Miami Beach if the whites who run the media hadn’t given him a platform for his destructive language of prejudice.

Here he is being interviewed a year ago by white supremacist CBS News – controlled by the white supremacist Shari Redstone, daughter of infamous white supremacist Sumner Redstone – openly endorsing the racist policies of fellow white supremacist (and politician and billionaire media mogul) Michael Bloomberg.

This latest violent attack on the vibrant Miami Beach party culture is just more proof that it is time for the Sulzbergers and the Zuckers who control the media to step down, and allow POCs – from Afro-Americans, to Haitians, to Zulus – to have a chance at running the media.

As we’ve learned in recent years from people like Kamala Harris, “equality” simply isn’t enough. We need equity, which means replacing whites with people of color completely, in order to make up for the fact that POCs had no power for millions of years while dominated by racist whites.

The media is one area where we do not see calls to have the leadership replaced with blacks, and the reason is that there is no one more racist and white supremacist than the whites that control the media.

The most powerful print media outlet is the New York Times, and the most powerful TV network is CNN. These two organizations set the tone and the narrative for the rest of the media. Therefore, I am hereby calling for the white racist Sulzberger to resign as head of the New York Times, and for Jeff Zucker to resign as the head of CNN, and for both to be replaced with members of the newly arrived Haitian immigrant community.

As we know, race does not exist, and no individual is different from any other individual in any way, so it is a matter of scientific fact that NYT and CNN would function just as efficiently if the heads of these organizations were replaced with random Haitian immigrants from under a bridge. The only difference would be that we’d be seeing a lot less racism from the media.