Media Continues to Talk About How Planet X Probably Actually Exists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2018

So if you read the internets, you’ve probably heard of PLANET X – this is an alleged tenth planet in the orbit of our Sun that is going to at some point swoop in on us for some reason or reasons.

This was supposedly a stupid conspiracy theory for a long while, then in 2016, a bunch of scientists started saying it was maybe real. However, because they had already decided Pluto was not a planet, they are calling it planet 9… so Planet IX.

WaPo did a thing about it yesterday, which has it once again in the media.

The Inquisitor:

Although the evidence to support the existence of Planet Nine has only been circumstantial so far, astronomers continue the search for this mysterious world hypothetically lurking in the outer regions of the solar system.

Thought to hide out somewhere beyond the orbit of Neptune and the Kuiper belt, the elusive Planet Nine was first theorized in 2016 by Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown, two planetary astrophysicists with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).


It was actually theorized by the Jewish wizard Zecharia Sitchin in the 70s.

He claimed that he decoded it in ancient Sumerian texts.

He wrote a bunch of books about it.

Here’s a two hour video of him talking about it.

All these “scientists” are doing is plagiarizing his shit and making it less intriguing.

I forget, but I think he ripped it off of some goyim, so whatever. I assume he ripped off some goyim.

Erich von Däniken was a goy and published similar stuff in the 1960s. Though I’m pretty sure he didn’t invent Planet X.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Batygin and Brown proposed that this enigmatic planet, known as the “missing super-Earth,” is the reason behind the peculiar orbit of a handful of small objects in the Kuiper belt, which exhibit a bizarre tilt in relation to the plane of the solar system.

The scientists speculate that these objects, called trans-Neptunian objects or TNOs, are being pulled by the gravity of Planet Nine, an ice giant believed to weigh between five and 20 times the mass of Earth.

Although a recent study offers a different explanation for the tilted orbit of the TNOs — arguing that Planet Nine doesn’t actually exist, as The Inquisitr recently reported — Brown remains “eternally optimistic” that someone will eventually find the elusive giant.

According to the Washington Post, the astrophysicist says that one major impediment hindering our efforts to detect it is that Planet Nine is too distant to spot, its location rendering it “essentially invisible to our observatories.”

I don’t really understand how that could be true. I’m not an astrophysicist, mind you, but they are now taking photos of planets outside of our solar system. So If this one is in our solar system, why can’t we see it?

Unless it is being cloaked. 

Or, unless this is just a scam to try and sell more “ancient aliens” books.

Someone does this every decade.

Nah, Icke was okay. But yeah, he did sell a lot of books which were effectively a gigantic scam.

Graham Handcock was much better, and he’s basically backed off the whole ancient aliens thing now. He seems to genuinely be trying to figure some shit out, rather than just sell infinity books and go on speaking tours.

He’s still a bit of a lunatic, but who doesn’t go a bit nuts when they realize that everything about reality is a gigantic hoax.

I don’t really believe in ancient aliens. Though I’m not strongly against it, necessarily. It would take a lot of words to explain what I believe as far as prehistory goes, but basically, I do think it is possible that ancient humans built structures on other planets, though I believe that humans originated from this, Our Number Three.