Media Continues to Lie, Claiming White Student Unions are a “Hoax”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2015

Many WSUs have chosen to use the Confederate flag to represent their group.
Many WSUs have chosen to use the Confederate flag to represent their group.

The phenomenon of White Student Unions has exploded. Just type “White Student Union” into Google News.

The Jewish media continues to claim that the rapidly rising movement is a hoax, even while it is a self-evident fact that this is not the case (Breitbart was the exception).

Jews are citing me as being responsible for this hoax, as if I have some sort of magical power to command thousands of people’s actions.

Blacks have their agenda. Now we have ours.
Blacks have their agenda. Now we have ours.

I did an interview with The Washington Post about this, breaking my own rule of avoiding Jew media because I feel so strongly about this issue. Plus the reporter who contacted me from that outlet was Chinese rather than Jew.

She didn’t report that much of what I said, however, and I think what I wrote is important, so I will just post the entire exchange here.

1. What prompted you to encourage your readers to start White Student Union Facebook pages? What were you hoping to accomplish, and do you think you have succeeded?

Whites need to organize and protect their interests in the face of rising Black terrorism. This fight is taking place on campuses, only it isn’t a fight, it is a massacre. Blacks are ripping apart crucial White institutions, and people are just standing by and watching in horror. The goal of a White Student Union movement would be to push back against this, and also to show Whites across the country that it is okay to be White, it is okay to defend your history and your civilization.

2. Do the people who have started these groups truly have white supremacist leanings, are they just trolling, or is it a mix of both?

The people who have contacted me as they are starting up these groups simply want to defend White people who are being marginalized and abused by the Blacks and their enablers. It has nothing at all to do with “supremacy.” “White supremacist” is a ridiculous term for people who simply want to be left alone. These Blacks will not leave us alone, however, as you are seeing with all of these protests, making all of these insane demands. Anyone who wants to see the face of Black Lives Matter can watch this clip of the invasion of a library at Dartmouth. These Blacks are yelling “fuck you, you filthy White fucks” – and administrators at this school, an Ivy League university, have come out and endorsed them for doing this.

And no, I don’t think anyone is trolling.

3. How have students and administrators responded to the Facebook groups so far? Have most of them been taken down?

It’s been a few hours since I checked, but many of them are still up. Taking down the Facebook page doesn’t remove the people involved, and if Facebook wants to silence their freedom of speech, they will find somewhere else to organize. Some freedom zone like 8chan, perhaps, or I will post their organization’s announcements on my own site.

4. Could you link me to your original blog post about this project? Can you summarize your views on Black Lives Matter and other racial justice campaigns that have emerged on college campuses?

Not sure which post you mean, I write a lot. I have been encouraging White Student Unions for years, even before hell broke loose, as there has always been an aggressive anti-White bias on liberal, mainly Jewish-run college campuses in this country.

These Black groups are terrorist organizations, by the very definition. They use fear and intimidation to accomplish political goals. The goals themselves don’t really make any logical sense, if there are even clear goals. Mizzou was an especially bizarre spectacle, where the whole thing was based on unproved allegations that random people had called them mean names, so the leaders just resigned. At Princeton, at least they are saying “we want Wilson to come down because he said mean things a hundred years ago and so pictures of him hurt our feelings,” but you watch these videos of them harassing the Jewish university President, and it’s mind-boggling. One girl starts shouting and says that Blacks built Princeton so it all belongs to her. This is completely insane.

Also, with Mizzou and other vague claims of microaggression whatever-the-hell, the NYT put out a call for readers to give them examples of campus racism, and they published them. It was all just “someone called me a name in 1975” and “someone didn’t ask me a question.” What are they even talking about? What do they want? No one knows, but they are abusive, nasty people who really have no place in a civilized society.

My article on the NYT piece:


These Blacks are let in to the universities through affirmative action, with very low test scores, simply to be nice. Whites are not obligated to allow 85 IQ Blacks into universities. This is charity. They should be respectful.

5. What role do the White Student Union Facebook pages play in the ongoing discussions about social justice and free speech on campuses?

The narrative is now that “hate speech is not free speech” and any White person saying “I’m White and I have interests” is labeled a hater. This is while the colored people all run amok, screaming hatred at people. I mean, if we are gaging the emotions people are feeling when they say certain things, it would be harder to find anyone more filled with hate than social justice activists.

I believe fully in free speech, and think people need to exercise it. To my knowledge, these universities have a right only to complain and denounce White Student Unions at this point, not ban them outright. Though that could change. Things are changing very quickly, and as we have seen, these changes do not need to be backed by logic or reason.

What the Jew media claims is that I told people to start “fake” groups. This is false. I simply told people to start groups. The fact that I said “you don’t have to actually go there” does not somehow translate into “these groups are a hoax,” it simply means that some of them could potentially have been started by a person not attending the school for the benefit of people who do attend the school.

What happened next was that thousands of people liked these different pages (regardless of whether they were started by students at the school or not), started sending messages wanting to join and get involved. These thousands of supporters are not a “hoax” by Nazi trolls.

Even if you decide that it is a “hoax” for someone who does not attend a university to promote White rights for that university on Facebook, the hoax becomes a reality as soon as people at the university get involved and begin organizing.

This has created a media storm, and the media has done our work for us. The White Student Union movement is now a serious, real life movement across the country and it isn’t going away.

The denunciations of this burgeoning movement by the Jewish media and school officials have merely gone to show how deeply ingrained hypocrisy is into the anti-White “social justice” movements. All that Whites want to do is organize in solidarity with one another, and they are being told that this means they are hateful, everyone is trying to shut them down.

The Jew professor openly plans to "abolish" the White race. But we're not allowed to try and preserve it.
The Jew professor openly plans to “abolish” the White race. But we’re not allowed to try and preserve it.

The overwhelming majority of Americans do not agree with the position that Whites wanting to organize and protect their interests is an act of “hate,” which is why comments are closed on the majority of the thousands of news articles which have been written on this new WSU movement.

In the few places where comments have been allowed, such as on a USA Today piece posted earlier today, 90+% of comments have been positive.


The oppressive system of silencing and disenfranchising Whites in America (and across the world) is based on using the media and other powers of the establishment to present the false impression that their anti-White views are the majority views. They are bullying people with the fabrication of a consensus against the population.

With the rise of the White Student Union movement, young White will now have a voice, a place to rally round. The establishment will continue to attempt to shut it down, but their attempts to do so are neither legal nor supported by the people.

Continue the Mission

This is an organic movement, which I am not directly a part of (certainly not the mastermind of), but which I wholly endorse. I am in contact with many of those involved in these groups, and have given some advice on how I think they should approach things.

Firstly, make sure the pages stay up, and make sure your school has one. Right now, Facebook is shutting down pages for using the logo of the school “illegally,” or for using a fake name to start the group. If you are concerned about security, use a name that sounds real. And just don’t use the official logo of the school. They don’t have a right to shut you down otherwise.

The Berkeley WSU page had over 1000 likes when it was shut down on a technicality. Get it back up. Follow the rules so they can't take it down.
The Berkeley WSU page had over 1000 likes when it was shut down on a technicality. Get it back up. Follow the rules so they can’t take it down.

I would also encourage people to diversify. Start up a Twitter, and make announcements and comment on school events. Twitter doesn’t require a real name. Also, start a board on 8chan, and link it on your FB and Twitter accounts. Use whatever other internet resources you think will be effective.

Second, continue to meet secretly with those you’ve connected with. I won’t say where, but I can reveal that many WSUs have either already had informal meetings on campus, or are arranging them.

As soon as you can, begin posting fliers.
As soon as you can, begin posting fliers.

Don’t rush the public meetings, but discuss them with your group, and get ready for them. Our backs are against the wall, and the time has come to make your voice heard. We are not a race of cowards. You must stand up.

The most important thing of all is this: watch out for Jews. They are going to swarm you. There is no question. Be very wary. Include it in your group charter that you do not consider Jews to be White. This is not me being paranoid.

The Future is Open

Right now, the battle for our survival is manifesting on campuses across the country. You have a duty. And the glory shall be yours.

Stand up.



Hail Victory.

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