Media Conspiracy Over Cologne Mass Sex Attack

The New Observer
January 7, 2016

The mass sex attacks carried out by nonwhite refugee-invaders in Cologne, Hamburg, and Stuttgart have definitively exposed the manner in which the controlled media attempts to manipulate news—and how the advent of the Internet and social media has completely undermined their previous control over information flows.


Police Described Scene as “Relaxed” and Participants as “Revelers”

The attempted cover-up started with clear political orders from the very top of the German government to the Cologne police. Evidence of this comes from the official police website in Cologne.

In the very first Cologne police report of the events of New Year’s Eve, as published on their official website, it was said that the evening had gone off “in a relaxed atmosphere” and the celebrations in the city’s cathedral square had been “largely peaceful.”

The incredible lies spouted by the police in Cologne can still be seen on their website here, but the New Observer has taken screen shots of that page just in case they see fit to take it down after reading this exposé.

The relevant part of the official police report, dated January 1, 2016, and timed at 08:57—in other words, hours after the nonwhite-refugee mass sex attacks, rapes, robberies, thefts, and public violence had ended—went as follows:

Shortly before midnight, the station forecourt in the area of the stairway to the cathedral had to be evacuated by uniformed officers in order to prevent a stampede caused by the firing of pyrotechnic munitions by about 1000 revelers. Despite the unplanned celebration break, the situation was relaxed, because the police were well placed at critical locations and showed their presence.


As everyone now knows, this Cologne police report was an outright, deliberate lie, designed to try and hide the mass nonwhite violence which swept through the city center.

Only after the nonwhite invader violence had been exposed by alternative news outlets such as the New Observer, and on social media platforms, did the Cologne police backtrack and issue a statement—dated January 5, 2016—which fully admitted that the events had not in any way been “relaxed” as they had earlier alleged.

The January 5 Cologne police statement read as follows—and it is valuable to compare this to their January 1 statement:

After the massive attacks on New Year’s Eve at the Cologne main station forecourt, the number of criminal charges has now increased to 90. The police had already set up an investigation team for these offenses in Cologne on Saturday (January 2nd). The extent of the offenses extend from theft to sexual offenses. In one case, the detectives are investigating allegations of rape.


Lying German Media Active Participants

Both private and state-run media in Germany also followed their orders to cover up the mass refugee-invader sex attacks and violence.

The ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Second German Television), one of the largest federal state-owned broadcasters, for example, completely blacked out news of the nonwhite violence in its Heute (“Today,” its news program) broadcasts the following day, pretending that nothing had happened.

Later, when it became impossible to deny that the nonwhite-refugee violence had taken place, ZDF was bombarded with complaints, and the broadcaster was forced to issue an official apology for its news censorship on its Facebook page.

The weak ZDF apology quoted Deputy Editor-in-Chief Elmar Theveßen as saying that:

The news situation was clear enough. It was a failure that the 7pm broadcast [on Monday] didn’t report the events. The Heute editors decided to delay the report… to get more time for interviews to complete it. That was a clearly mistaken judgment.


It took another three days before other German news media even started acknowledging that the mass nonwhite sex attacks had happened—and even then, description of the perpetrators was almost always given as “youths” and “young men.”

The flood of revelations via the Internet, however, thoroughly exposed this devious tactic, and by January 4, even the controlled media in Germany had been forced to admit that the perpetrators were “North African” in origin, and that the attacks had taken place in several German cities.

The conspiracy of silence was so obvious that even former Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich told the that it was a “scandal that it took days for the public media to take up the reports. Journalists are operating a cartel of silence and lockdown of news,” he said.

Finally, on January 5, even the chief architect of the nonwhite invasion, Angela Merkel, was forced to react—and although she called the attacks “repulsive”—she failed, of course—to admit that it was her policy of allowing over a million nonwhite invaders to pour into Germany which was the cause of the crime nightmare.

Facebook Censors Revelations

Another important component of the attempts to censor news of the nonwhite crime plague was a ruthless censorship of Facebook.

While it is well-known that the German government has already pressured Facebook to self-censor any criticism of the nonwhite refugee invasion, it is less well-known that they have officially employed the services of an ex-Stasi (East German Secret Police) agent, a Jewess by the name of Anetta Kahane, to run their social media censorship program.



Kahane, the Jewess former Stasi agent, employed by the Merkel government to censor social media in Germany.

According to a report in the Bild newspaper, Kahane’s Netz gegen Nazis (“Network against Nazis”) organization “participates in the ‘Task Force’ set up between the Federal Ministry of Justice, Facebook, Google, [and] Twitter” to monitor those outlets for dissenting comments.

This “task force” had a busy few days at the beginning of January 2016, censoring the Facebook group Net-Werk Köln—as it was there that the first social media reports surfaced revealing the full extent of the nonwhite violence—and where it became clear that the vast majority of the attackers were Merkel’s “refugees.”

Incidents posted up on the Facebook page were deleted time and time again, as Kahane’s full-time agents were employed to keep an eye on things. Some news was lost forever, but in many cases, copies were made of posts, and the Internet being what it is, some managed to evade the Jewish Stasi censorship.


An example of the sort of Facebook post deleted by the Stasi censors off the Nett-Werk Köln page. Full translation follows below:

Nett-Werk Köln

Good morning dear Netties …

I am appalled over the horrific scenes played out in the Cologne Central Station yesterday.

Women were weeping after being sexually assaulted [several times] and attacked by the crowd, who also repeatedly attacked the police [as well]. The elderly people were overwhelmed and anxious, and thousands of young, drunken, Arabic-speaking men treated women as if they were “free game.” When the girls defended themselves, the [Arabs] became aggressive and insulting (but because of the [Arab] numbers, the [girls] could not properly defend themselves).

Some will now say that all this is not true, but I stood in the middle of it, holding my girlfriend’s hand, but even that did not stop them grabbing her dress over and over again. She is still terrified by the events and is afraid that someday she will have to go through such a scene alone.

Is this what I have donated half of my wardrobe’s content for?* Is this the new Cologne? Is this the new Germany?

(*This sentence appears to imply that the poster had earlier donated clothes to the “refugees.”)

It was these reports which forced the controlled media to admit the truth—and which finally forced even Merkel to react.

Even now, however, Facebook is still heavily censored. Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) Member of Parliament Gernot Darmann reported on his Facebook page that his attempts to post up a press release about the attacks was immediately deleted.

English-Language Controlled Media the Worst

It comes as no surprise, however, to learn that the English-language controlled media in the UK and the US showed themselves to be the absolute worst in covering up the nonwhite invader violence.

The BBC in London, for example, waited until January 5, 2016, before reporting on the violence carried out five days earlier, and even then called the perpetrators “gangs.”

France24, the French state-owned English language news service, waited until January 6, 2016, to see fit to mention the attacks—using the headline “Cologne mass sexual assaults fuel refugee tensions in Germany.”

The New York Times waited until January 5, 2016, to mention the attacks, while CNN took another day before they finally reported on it.

To put all of this into perspective: if a mob of 1,000 white people sexually mass attacked blacks, Arabs, Jews—or any other race—in any city in the world, there can be no doubt that all the controlled media, in Germany and elsewhere, would have given such an event immediate and prominent coverage.

This wall-to-wall coverage would not only have started straight away, but it would also have run for weeks on end, if not months. The German government would have ordered all police reserves thrown into finding the culprits, and mass arrests would have followed.

But, because the perpetrators are nonwhite, and the victims white, this same lying press and establishment have done their utmost to cover up and hide the true facts of the situation.

It is only through the Internet that their evil conspiracy of silence has been exposed—but let no European be under any further illusion: the establishment and the controlled media are anti-white, and seek nothing less than the total destruction of European civilization. They will stop at nothing to achieve this goal, and lying is but one small component of their ongoing propaganda war.