Media Confused as to How to Deal with Trump’s Economic Victories

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2018

Trump is winning very hard on the economy.

And the media is very confused as to how to deal with it.

Basically, they are at the point where even they are realizing that they look insane if they keep attacking him.

But then they’re like “oh well no, maybe this isn’t really what it seems to be…”

Because it can’t be real. Because nothing Trump does can ever be good. Because he is a fundamentally evil person.

It’s like what is going through their heads is “oh yes, of course the RED RUSSIANS want us to have a strong economy because [FILL THIS SPACE WITH A THING].”

It’s funny to watch.

But they are really just digging their own graves ten feet deeper. If there is one thing that all people in the world care about, it’s money. Sorry. That’s life, kids. And it is only the super, super hard end of the ideological spectrum that is going to be able to go out and vote against their own bank accounts because of Guatemalan refugees are fleeing low salaries or trannies in the military or whatever the hell else these bizarro persons are whining about.

He was right to do this first.

He did the economy, he did the solid win on Korea.

Now we can get to the real shit.

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