Media Complains About China Using Censorship to Harm an Ethnic Group

There is not a single thing that makes me angrier than the Jewish media complaining about censorship in other countries, while demanding it in America.

When they complain about it in China, they demonstrate that they know well that it is a weapon designed to harm certain political and ethnic groups. Yet when they perform it upon white Americans, they claim that it is about stopping “false information” or “violence” or whichever thing.

Obviously, when China censors, they have a stated reason for doing so also. But the Jewish media doesn’t bother to say what those official reasons are.


Chinese authorities shut down the only Mongolian-language social media site in China last week, according to rights groups, in an expanding bid to undermine ethnic Mongolian language and promote Chinese interests.

According to the U.S.-based Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, Chinese authorities shut down Bainu, the only Mongolian language social media site in China, on Sunday, August 23. According to the rights group, the site—which translates to “how are you?” in Mongolian—hosts about 400,000 users in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of China.

It is unclear if Bainu’s shutdown is temporary or permanent. The website’s link still remains active but its homepage is currently inaccessible.

In recent weeks, many Mongolian speakers took to Bainu to voice displeasure over leaked plans showing that Beijing’s central government planned to phase out Mongolian-language education in the ethnic region, according to the rights group.

Video circulating on Twitter on Sunday, August 30, appeared to show students in Inner Mongolia protesting against the new Mandarin Chinese language program. Several videos posted by the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center’s YouTube page showed dozens of people gathered in protest as well as elementary school textbooks written in Mandarin Chinese instead of Mongolian.

According to The Hill, China’s campaign to erode the cultural identities of its ethnic minority groups extends beyond Inner Mongolia. China’s Communist Party has been gradually replacing local dialects with Mandarin Chinese, particularly in schools across the autonomous Xinjiang region, as well as the Himalayan autonomous region of Tibet.

Imagine using censorship as a way to commit a cultural genocide against a population.

Just imagine it.