Media Claims They Saw Ruth Bader Ginsburg Alive, Has No Pics, People Don’t Believe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2019

As the reader is aware, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had lung cancer surgery, then disappeared completely. The media told people about her surgery, then just simply stopped covering the story, blackout style.

Then, they decided to start covering the fact that “crazy internet conspiracy theorists” think she’s dead.

A guy from the WaPo is claiming to have seen Ginsburg – alive.

I don’t have any question about whether or not the media would be willing to lie about this. Of course they would. They will lie about anything. And not just the Jews. The non-Jews who work for the media lie on purpose because it makes them feel as though they are above the public, as if they are guiding them.

But… would they lie about this, knowing how easy it would be for it to come out that they’re lying. I’m not sure. It would depend on how important it is to them. But certainly the individual journalists who claimed to have seen her would have a lot of problems if it turned out she was dead this whole time.

Washington Post:

Robert Barnes has been a reporter and editor at The Washington Post for more than 30 years. For the past 12, he has covered the Supreme Court.

This week he experienced something he says was a first in his career: a storm of commentators, many anonymous, swarming his social media accounts and email inbox to tell him that something he saw with his own eyes and reported in The Post did not actually happen: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, alive and well, attending a performance about her life at a museum in Washington — her first public appearance since she underwent cancer surgery in December.

A falsehood has been spreading in dark corners of the Internet that Ginsburg is dead — and in the hours after Barnes published his report, conspiracy theorists pelted him with their doubt-mongering. Photos were not allowed at the event, so one of the doubters emailed Barnes 21 questions about Ginsburg’s appearance — the size of her security detail, what gender they were, for example — telling Barnes that if he did not answer every single one of them, it would be a sign his article was not to be believed.

Ginsburg did not attend the State of the Union on Tuesday night. Neither did Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito Jr., Sonia Sotomayor or Stephen G. Breyer, but the conspiracy theory that Ginsburg is dead may draw more oxygen from the 85-year-old justice’s absence.

I think she is probably alive and probably did attend this event.

If it was just one guy saying it, I might be more skeptical.

But it is the whole media.

What I think happened was this:

  • She had a surgery that would normally kill someone her age
  • She had complications
  • The establishment freaked out, and didn’t want any of that in the media
  • There was a media blackout of her problematic recovery
  • She eventually at least partially recovered

It is ultra weird though to have her be gone for over a month and then have her first appearance at an event with no camera. And to have no one take a cellphone picture of her.

The fact that the entire media can come together and claim to have seen something with their own eyes and have a huge number of people accuse them of just flat-out lying about it is telling. We do not live in a high trust society anymore.