Media: China Promoted “Coronavirus Disinformation” in Taiwan

This headline made me laugh.

What else did the Chinese do to Taiwan?

  • Did they promote a conspiracy theory that cops were trying to exterminate black people and cause mass riots?
  • Did they use state-funded media to try to manipulate children into become homosexuals?
  • Did they flood them with immigrants and then accuse anyone who questioned it of being a racist and destroy their lives?

But yeah.

Chinese misinformation is the new Russian hackers.

This is the beginning of a big new campaign.


Why it matters: The Chinese government has developed a sophisticated set of disinformation tools that it is deploying inside liberal democracies. Beijing’s information operations in Taiwan follow a set pattern also deployed elsewhere, suggesting other governments might emulate Taiwan’s largely successful response.

What’s happening: In a report published on May 24 called “Deafening Whispers,” researchers with the DoubleThink Lab in Taipei found that posts containing false or misleading information about the coronavirus and Taiwan’s 2020 elections were widespread and could be traced back to coordinated activity by the Chinese party-state.

Broadly speaking, the messaging promoted by Beijing-linked actors suggested that democracy had failed in Taiwan, while using false coronavirus claims in an attempt to disrupt political processes and degrade social trust.

They’re going to start hitting you with this nonstop.

Of course, just to be clear: you can’t actually trace things that people do on the internet. If you go read these “studies” about these things, it’s just nonsense filler.

Accusing foreign governments of “spreading disinformation” is a way to crack down on domestic dissent by accusing political dissidents of being foreign agents.

This stuff is going to play into the “Cyber Pandemic.” They’re going to create some disaster and then claim it was somehow caused by Russian and Chinese disinformation, and then start witch-hunting rando QAnon boomers from Gab.