Media Blackout on Botched FBI White Terror Hoax

The latest botched FBI white terror hoax is being called “Dollar Dollar Bill, Yall.”

As the reader of this site is aware, on Thursday, a white man in a pickup truck who allegedly had bombs in the truck parked in front of the Library of Congress and said he was going to blow the thing if Joe Biden and all of the Senate Democrats didn’t resign.

In fact, he said that the bombs were set to explode at the right decimal if a sniper shot out his windows.

Most people in America don’t know this happened yesterday, because the media has buried it. This morning on Yahoo! and Google news feeds, there is nothing about it. Same on CNN, NYT, etc. You can find it on the back pages, but it’s just a small mention.

Here is their Great White Terrorist, and they’re not even reporting on it.


Because the whole thing was a botched FBI hoax.

The supposed white terrorist, known as Bubba, real name Floyd Ray Roseberry from North Carolina, did a half hour livestream on Facebook, wherein he repeatedly said that he was put up to this bombing plot by four other guys. He said that those four built the bombs for him, and sent him to be the spokesmen for their revolutionary mission. He stated in direct language that this whole thing was planned by four other men, which the media is not mentioning at all (as the videos of the full stream are all being deleted to the point I can’t even find it).

It doesn’t take a Bubba Big Brain to compare this to the recent Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax, which involved five FBI agents working with one non-FBI agent – the patsy – to stage a bizarre media spectacle.

It’s not debatable: what happened on Thursday was that Floyd Bubba, a confused and angry man with a low IQ, was sent as an FBI patsy to stage a bombing hoax, which would then be used by the media to drum up an intensification of the domestic terror war. But the thing was too dumb and too obvious – too many people would see the video, and ask who those four other men were, why they’re not being arrested, how the bombs were built, and so on.

So, because the media is now totally controlled by the intelligence apparatus, the FBI or some liaison for them simply called the main media stations and informed them that they should not be reporting on this incident – “Let’s go ahead and kill this one. We’ll call you next time when we’ve got the kinks worked out on this thing, alright?”

Again, we are face-to-face with the total incompetence of these people running the show. They can’t even stage a proper terror hoax. They can’t even get a right-wing white supremacist terrorist patsy to go out and threaten the government without declaring his love for the blacks and gays (which Bubba did in fact do, during his 30-minute rant).

This will now just fade into the background, like the incident with the bizarre fake bombs from that Filipino in Florida, or the fake pipe bombs on the morning of January 6. Journalists will complain about it, and it will be mentioned in lists of bad things alongside Dylann Roof and Charlottesville, but it will not be analyzed or explained.

Word to Your Mother

There are an unlimited number of Bubbas.

The FBI is always going to be able to find some low IQ moron with a few screws loose rage-positing on Facebook, then send in four undercover agents to tell him that he’s been chosen for a special mission.

What Thursday’s event really was: it was proof of concept that they can stage what should be a major media fiasco, and then when they screw it up, just bury the whole thing.

That means that they can try these hoaxes as often as they want, with no consequences for failure.

Sure, people in the comments sections that still exist will complain and call it crisis actor bullshit.

But most people won’t even hear about it.

Anyone who is going to start calling it out as an FBI hoax already knows the score, and the media narrative is not directed at them anyway.

Here’s the thing: the fact that they tried it at all means that they are gearing things up. This just as easily could have been the top news story for months on end, and been used to fire up a brutal series of raids against random Trump voters, to justify the opening up of anal reeducation camps – the whole thing that we see coming.

I know for a fact that people across the board on the internet are getting notices from Gmail and other services that the FBI has requested their files. That means these people are under investigation by the FBI. Which means they are just sitting around, waiting to get swooped, when the gates finally open up.

There was also some kind of bomb hoax in New York yesterday.

You can consider this a warning: the big one is coming soon.

They are going to open up the mouth of hell.

The white terrorism hoax will be directly linked to the coronavirus hoax, as they set up this control grid and start shuttling people off to camps.

Australia is already opening the Covid camps.

Right now they’re saying they’re for quarantine, but they’re expanding them widely.

Meanwhile, FEMA has had camps set up for decades across America.

This isn’t some kind of Alex Jones hoax. In fact, on a long enough timeline, there is no such thing as an “Alex Jones hoax.” Other than that stuff he said about the Jews working for the Chinese, everything he’s predicted has come true.

Listen: they are definitely going to round up political dissidents and put them in camps.

There is zero chance that this will not happen.

There is no other possible explanation as to why they are using this coronavirus hoax to build a technetronic control grid, with all of the house arrests and curfews and mobile quarantine units.

There is no other possible explanation for why they would reclassify Trump supporters and anti-vaxxers as “domestic terrorists,” thereby stripping them of their Constitutional rights. The DOJ and DHS have now set it up so as they can, without much paperwork at all, say that you are a terrorist because of something you supposedly posted on the internet – they can then throw a black bag over your head, throw you in the back of a van, toss you on a plane, and when the bag comes off you’re in a CIA black site secret prison without the right to a lawyer or a trial.

Seriously, you are in denial if you actually believe they set this all up and are not planning to use it.

Get a grip, and face reality like a man.

It’s happening.


Someone on the Gamer Uprising forum asked me for a clarification on something, so I guess a clarification is needed.

I’ve got the full video now.

Here’s the clarification, about what he was talking about regarding his associates:

He said that he was one of five, and that four other guys were working with him, and they were all parked in different trucks around the city, also rigged with explosives. He said they all drove in separately. Someone was handling him, because he had this whole thing about the “decimals” that would set the bombs off. He was too dumb to be making this all up, unless he’s an actor, in which case it’s still an intelligence operation.

Also, the person who built his bombs for him (which the cops are now saying were not real bombs) was a vet with no legs, so presumably, he was a sixth man not driving a truck.

If the media was going to investigate this, they would have to say that the whole thing was a hoax, and that the guy made all of this stuff up. Everything about his five man team, and how they chose him to be the spokesman, was so specific, and the guy was so dumb, that it simply is not believable that he was making it all up as a hoax. He was also crying about how he was going to die when they shot out the windows, which definitely implies he believed the bombs were real.

Again: the only possible way I could believe this was a hoax is if the guy was literally an actor. I do not believe that guy could have just made all of this up as part of his hoax. Furthermore, if that was the case, the media would be talking about it nonstop. The only explanation for the nigh blackout from the media is that this was a botched intelligence op.

Here’s Nick Fuentes on the topic.