Media Begins Total Assault on Leftists Who Refuse to Toe the Party Line

As I explained in 2017 when my website was completely shut down and I was banned from everything: censorship doesn’t ever stop.

It is always a slippery slope.

Now, a mere four years after I was unpersoned and removed from the public space, ostensibly for making rude jokes, leftists who refuse to toe the total line of the Democrat Party are being targeted for censorship by the media.

This week, the Daily Beast printed an article entitled “These ‘Dirtbag Left’ Stars are Flirting with the Far Right.”

This is obviously the beginning of a program to remove the so-called far-left from the public space, using the censorship machine.

I am generally familiar with the “dirtbag left.” They are basically the kinds of people associated with Bernie Sanders. Tulsi Gabbard is another standard-bearer of the movement. I agree with them on some issues, and some of the places where I would disagree, I don’t really care very much. Most of them are not “woke,” and some of them openly mock identity politics as a massive distraction from the wealth gap in the Western world and the corporate takeover of everything (that’s obviously a sentiment I agree with).

The main point is this: these people disagree with the Democrat Party, with the war agenda, with the billionaire tech oligarch agenda, and they thus must be silenced. It doesn’t matter if they are pro-woman, pro-anal, or pro-black.

The article drops an astonishing number of names, some of which I was not personally familiar with. It is effectively a hit list of all the people they want to be removed from society (yes, being banned from the internet is effectively removing a person from society).

The Daily Beast is a fitting publication to begin the assault, as they are an ostensibly leftist publication that publishes the work of Jewish neoconservatives who promote war. It’s also not really a very important publication, so it can sustain the embarrassment of being the first publication to come out in favor of censoring the left. The author of the article, Alexander Reid Ross, also has no fear of embarrassment, given that he’s already shown to have no shame: in 2018, the Southern Poverty Law Center was forced to retract and remove a series of articles he wrote accusing the anti-war left of being secret white supremacists.

It is hilariously uncreative that their claim is that the far left is linked with the far right, and that’s why they need to be banned. They also hint at these leftists being part of a Russian conspiracy.

Of course, they’re not actually associated with the far-right. It’s simply that if you’re open and passionate, there are some basic conclusions you’re going to draw, regardless of what side of the political spectrum you’re on. Whether you believe in free healthcare or not, you must admit a few things.

Here are the views that I’ve noticed I personally share with the dirtbag left:

  • The two party political system is a scam, and we’re not allowed to vote for things that would actually be good for the people
  • Our society is run by a very tiny elite minority, which abuses the masses of people
  • Corporations are out of control, and must be reined in by the government
  • Government policy is designed to funnel wealth to those who are already rich
  • Government policy is designed to keep the masses of people struggling with day-to-day life, so they will not resist the system
  • These wars all over the world are insane, and serve the interests of the elite minority – no normal person is sitting around thinking “we should have a war in the Middle East and bring them freedom”
  • Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself (the Daily Beast is particularly mad about people believing that)

Some of them will openly say that identity politics are a scam, some will openly say that American foreign policy is run by Israel, and various other things. But they will all say the above, and I agree with all of that.

Obviously, they will also talk about racism, gay rights, and other things I do not agree with. But most of them skip over that stuff, and focus on the situation of this ruling elite, the corporations and the wars.

Before dropping a huge list of names on the hit list, the article focuses on YouTube host Jimmy Dore. Dore is a comedian, who was briefly a part of The Young Turks network before starting his own show. I generally like him, but I can’t hardly listen to him because he uses too much profanity (almost as much as Gator from The Ralph Retort).

Aside from his multiple appearances on Tucker Carlson, the crime that Dore is convicted of by the Daily Beast is interviewing one of the Boogaloo Boys.

After reading the Daily Beast piece, I listened to this interview, and I believe it was terrible. I like Dore a lot better than I like the Boogaloo guy. As I’ve stated many times (and explained profusely), the Boogaloo Boys are obviously fed assets. They do not have any clear agenda, and their views do not make any sense – yet they show up at protests with guns.

The guy says that Alex Jones accused him of being a fed. Now that we know that both the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers were being run by the FBI, I think it is fair to assume that the Boogaloo movement is fully infiltrated, which is why the media is constantly talking about it (just like they constantly talked about the Proud Boys). I think that if there was a real group that wasn’t run by feds, it wouldn’t be in the news. You notice that AFPAC got virtually zero coverage, despite the fact that a sitting Congressman attended.

Anyway, despite the fact that the Boogaloo Boys are not really a right-wing group, they have been framed that way by the media, specifically so they can be used for the kind of hysterics we see in the Daily Beast article.

Dore has done a video response to the Daily Beast article, which is pretty good.

Anti-war activist and alleged “self-hating Jew” Max Blumenthal was also mentioned in the piece. He was in fact the main target of the Reid Ross pieces for the SPLC that were removed.

The SPLC and the Daily Beast are both strongly pro-war, and it is popular to frame any organized opposition to war as dangerous and anti-Semitic.

Blumenthal investigated Reid Ross after the SPLC articles.

Blumenthal appeared with Jimmy Dore to discuss this.

Cum Town, Chapo Trap House and Red Scare were also mentioned in the article.

As was my favorite Jew, Norman Finkelstein. They found his best quote ever.

(Seriously, what is it?)

They also had a good quote from the Chapo podcast.

Again, it was an incredible hit list.

Everyone knows it was a hit list. No one thinks that this conspiracy theory about a secret alliance between socialists and fascists, or whatever, is a real thing, and no one is interested in reading some lunatic rant about that theory. All it did was serve as a framework for the hit list.

We saw the first ever leftist censorship when there were irregularities in the primaries, regarding Bernie Sanders. Now, we’re going to really start seeing it.

I am not really even feeling smug, because a lot of these people, including Jimmy Dore, have always been against censorship on principle, and have been warning about it.

It is frustrating that I’m so heavily banned, to the point of not even being allowed to own a .com website, while others have remained online, but I want as little censorship as possible, and do not support anyone being added to the black list.

There is no point of peak censorship, when it will get so bad that the government will be forced to deal with it. This has all been planned, and what we are seeing now with this opening push to ban the left is simply finishing off a project of censorship.

This should have been made into Donald Trump’s primary issue of concern in 2017. It’s possible that he could have forced through some kind of free speech legislation. The coronavirus lockdown would have been impossible if it were not for the existing censorship regime, and if the coronavirus lockdown had not happened, we would be living in a completely different world.

It’s sad the way it’s all unfolded, in such an obvious way. But it was destined to happen. We are living through the collapse of an empire.