Media Attacks on Empress Melania Backfire, Approval Ratings Soar

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2018

How do they have the nerve to ask this woman “do you love your husband”?

Would they ask any other woman that? Would it not be considered some kind of “mansplaining” or “a white man berating a woman” if she was anyone other than who she is?

Of course it would be.

She is a target, in the exact way that the Jews claim other women are targets. Only this is real. They actually despise her, because of who she is and what she represents, and they attack her in ways that they would attack themselves for doing to anyone else.

Wolf Blitzer is nothing more than the Harvey Weinstein of fake news – he is the Harvey Weinstein of the mind.

He is freaking out over her poll ratings.

And he should be.

Because normal women sympathize with her a lot more than they sympathize with Christine Blasey Ford, and the Jews are trying to kike the goyim by getting normal women to vote for their diabolical agenda.

They kept saying that all these “suburban women” – a codeword for “white married women” – were turning against Trump and siding with them after they had targeted them with all of this targeted propaganda.

But it doesn’t seem to be working out that well for them.

So they are once again lashing out and trying to demonize the President’s wife, to attempt to show that the women in Trump’s life do not represent them. The entire coverage of Melania in Africa was an assault on her person, an attempt to appeal to that coveted “suburban women” demographic – and in the above piece with Blitzer, you can see that they’ve realized that it had the reverse effect, and made women side with her because she is under real attack, not a fake 35-year-old high school party attack.

Anything associated with Trump getting a 28% approval rating from Democrats is unheard of. Their attacks have turned her into a superstar, and she is going to play very well in the midterms.