Media Announces Infinite Barrage of Genetic Mutant “Vaccines”

The current generation of vaccines are just the beginning of a nonstop barrage of vaccines, which will go on to infinity.

It has already been established that the government has total authority over your body, and can just shove things into it in the name of the “coronavirus pandemic” – a pandemic that has never been proven to exist.

They are talking about rolling out new weird things quickly.

Jew journalist Karen Weintraub writes for USA Today:

The COVID-19 vaccines are among the best ever created. They’re safe and more than 90% effective at preventing any disease, and even more so at blocking serious illness and death.

Now drug companies are trying to make them even better.

Some future shots will be more effective against certain variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Others are aiming to cover several types of severe respiratory viruses, including the first SARS, which caused outbreaks between 2002 and 2004, or even all viruses in the larger coronavirus family.


They’re going to vaxx you against the first SARS! Which also totally really existed, goy!

Companies are testing vaccines that won’t need to be kept cold, won’t require two shots, will have fewer side effects, can be produced more efficiently and can be delivered without needles to make them easier to provide in rural areas and the developing world.

“There’s a long history within vaccinology of second-generation vaccines being multiply improved over first-generation vaccines. That’s just the way things go,” said Scot Roberts, chief scientific officer of Altimmune, a biotech based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, that is developing an inhaled vaccine.

None of these second-generation COVID-19 vaccines will be ready until at least later this summer, and many, including Altimmune’s, not until early next year at the soonest. No single vaccine will have all the desired attributes, a number of experts said.

But with potentially every one of Earth’s nearly 8 billion inhabitants needing one or two initial doses and potentially boosters, there’s plenty of room for different approaches, a number of experts said.

“Depth and breadth” is what vaccinologist, pharmacist, and public-health leader John Grabenstein said he wants in a second-generation vaccine. He expects protection against a number of different variants and respiratory diseases and, ideally, a decade or more between shots.

Vaxxer John Grabenstein is going to grab the goyim’s genes!

The jury is still out on how long the current vaccines will last – or whether we’ll even need boosters at all, said Scott Hensley, a viral immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. “Time will tell,” he said.

But most companies investing in COVID-19 vaccines are presuming – even banking on the idea – that regular boosters will be necessary.

Stanley Erck, president and CEO of Novavax, which plans to release its vaccine’s effectiveness data soon, said his company’s studies in monkeys show that giving a booster dose a year after initial vaccination yields “spectacular results.”

“I think we’re going to want to do that with humans,” he said. “This isn’t going to go away from a commercial point of view anytime in the future.”

Yes. The plan is to have an app on your phone that alerts you every time you need to come in and get injected with some new substance. The app will automatically schedule an appointment for you. They are already talking about annual shots, so they will quickly move to bi-annual or quarterly, then monthly and weekly.

It is all to protect you from the deadly coronavirus that is everywhere and killing everyone.

The article goes on and on, quoting more Jews about how you will need infinite numbers of vaccines made by Jewish companies.

It also goes into the issue of shoving vaccines up your nose, and shows a picture of a Mexican having this procedure done to them.

Yes, this is a money-grab and a money grabenstein by the Jew companies, but it is also something more diabolical. They are planning some kind of large-scale genetic engineering agenda.

Obviously, this is not about a public health crisis – that is totally and completely fake. However, this is also not just about compliance, it is not just about sterilization. If that were the case, the vaxx would not need to be so deadly. Right now, this round of deadly vaxxes has apparently killed more people than all other previous vaccines combined. That is what the data shows.

So it is some kind of weird medical procedure. They are attempting to change human biology. There is no other possible explanation that I can think of. Rolling out this new line of infinity vaxx fits into that. They are going to be using all these new different vaccines to test out different kinds of genetic modification.

Whatever is going on, it is a diabolical plot. This is the Mark of the Beast, it is the transformation of the population. The good news is: it gives the right-wing Christian population a place to draw the line. The vaxx is the line. There are people who get the vaxx and people who do not: those are the only two types of people left on earth. There are those who worship the BEAST and those who do not.

Judeo-Christian liars are saying that this is not a sign of “worshiping” the BEAST – well then, what is it called when you surrender your bodily autonomy to the same satanic system that promotes child trannies?

This is literally a MARK without which you cannot buy or sell!

They are saying that you will not be able to buy or sell without this MARK!

What’s more, another verse says that everyone who gets the MARK will get a disgusting rash!

We are already seeing quite a few disgusting rashes from the vaxx!

Do you think as these people go in to get their “boosters” they’re going to get more or fewer loathsome sores?

I suspect more!

Evangelical Judeo-Christians are lying to you.

The Catholic Church’s Anal Pope is lying to you.

Everyone in authority is lying to you.

It is up to you to make your own decision: will you resist or will you worship the BEAST and let these satanic Jews inject you with whatever they wish?

Jesus said that if you remain true to him in this time of great confusion, you will be saved. Many, however, will not be saved.

The Jews will persecute us, and bring us before their councils and before all of these governments that they control, but in the end, if we endure, we will be saved.

Whether you believe this is the End Times or not: you have a right to autonomy over your own body, and if you surrender that to these vaxx Jews then you are not a man but a worm.

There is no choice but to resist.

No matter what it costs you, you must resist.

The vaxx is the line. Once you take the vaxx, you are a part of the system, and you cannot escape it.