Media and Antifa Working with FBI to Identify Heroic Capitol Stormers – All of Them Facing Ten Years in Feds

The media is putting together a program to identify all of the patriots who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday.

USA Today is literally saying “help us identify the insurrectionists.”

This is what they’re saying:

USA TODAY is working to identify those who stormed into the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday as lawmakers met to count electoral votes in the presidential race.

Many photos and videos online show the rioters who entered the building. If you can identify someone who was there, share it with us, including the name of the person you see, a link to the photo or video where you see them and any help you can give us to verfy who the person is.

Click that article and just look at it. It has a series of 29 photos of people that the media wants identified.

Meanwhile, the FBI has a “MAGA Most Wanted” list.

These people – the FBI – literally released a series of photos of people they want identified.

The FBI has released a bunch of graphics, demanding these people be identified, so they can be brought in and crucified by the Sanhedrin.

The Justice Department also refused to say that they’re not looking into charging President Trump himself for this.

Daily Mail:

Federal prosecutors have announced President Trump could potentially face charges over his role in inciting the violent siege of the US Capitol after he urged his supporters to ‘march’ on Congress to protest the results of the presidential election.

Acting US attorney for DC Michael Sherwin on Thursday said ‘all options are on the table’ for charging members of the pro-Trump mob, who could now face up to 10 years in prison for ‘injury of federal property’ under the president’s executive order signed in June.

‘We are looking at all actors here. Not only the people who went into the building,’ Sherwin said during a press conference on the mayhem.

When asked if the president could be included in the probe, he replied: ‘We’re looking at all actors here, and anyone that had a role and the evidence fits the elements of a crime, they’re going to be charged.’

“Not only the people who went into the building” is very ominous. There are going to be massive raids, and there is going to be a law passed, very soon, giving extraordinary powers to the government to crack down on any and all dissent. Frankly, that same law that they’re going to pass against white people will also be used against Antifa, if it is deemed that they are getting out of line. This is just going to be raid city.

Not to mention the kind of censorship that is going to come down, which is going to make the censorship after Charlottesville look like a silly train ride at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

All of the actual Stormers potentially face ten years in federal prison, based on normal laws that are already on the books, simply for entering the building. People like Baked Alaska, who will be identified as “ringleaders,” will potentially face much more serious sentences.

Like I mean, Baked could get hit with a potential 30 years for joking around on that phone.

And no – I’m not going to note the difference between this reaction and the reaction to Black Lives Matter riots, because if you don’t automatically notice that, and actually need me to point it out to you, you’re too stupid to be reading this website.

So, I guess there goes your moronic QAnon theory that these people were all secret Antifa.

They’re not secret Antifa. They are brave patriots who were pissed off, and falsely believed that their leader Donald Trump had their back. Trump has now condemned them for fighting in his name.

As a totally and completely unrelated thing, which I am just going to leave here for literally no reason, this is a map of countries that have formal extradition treaties with the United States.

All the gray countries on that map do not have formal extradition treaties with the United States, which means that if the US requests extradition from one of those countries, it could be tied up in local court for years.

I’m not advising anyone to do anything, I’m just saying this. No one has been charged yet. They probably will be at some point in the next few days. The FBI obviously can identify all of these people with biometrics that are registered when you take your driver’s license photo, so they’re just putting this stuff out for the sake of furthering the spectacle.

Frankly, everything that was going to happen was going to happen if Wednesday’s events had happened or not happened. But the events of Wednesday definitely sped up the timeline.

Joe Biden is going to come in like a hurricane, with a perceived mandate to crack down on this “insurrection.” He’s already made a statement claiming without evidence that the Capitol Storming was “one of the worst days in American history.”