Media Admits the Virus is Peaking, Still Preaches Maniacal Hysteria

You’d think if it is peaking, then we’d be talking about the fact that we didn’t reach anywhere near the number of deaths we were supposed to get.

“Peak” means the highest point, meaning deaths go down after the peak. Meaning that if there are 17,000 deaths at the peak, at the end we will have a maximum of 34,000 deaths.

Instead of pointing that out, however, the media is admitting it’s peaked and then continuing to preach hysteria.


The New York governor signed an order to bring in additional funeral directors as the number of coronavirus cases in the state outpaced all countries except the United States.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order will make it easier for licensed funeral directors from other states to practice in New York.

At least 16,686 people have died of coronavirus in the United States — nearly half of them in New York. Of the 466,299 total confirmed cases nationwide, about 162,000 are in New York, data from Johns Hopkins University shows.

The United States is set to reach its highest daily number of deaths on or around Sunday, according to models by the prominent Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle.

It estimated that 60,415 in the US would die of coronavirus by August, assuming social distancing policies continue through May. That projection is down from the 82,000 it predicted earlier this week.

Even though the model lowered its nationwide numbers, it issued key differences by region and state. Fox example, New York saw an increase in total projected deaths.

The New York City’s office of Chief Medical Examiner issued a memo extending the time a body is kept in custody to 14 days.

Queens funeral director Patrick Kearns said the extension will help with the influx of victims. He’s receiving 30-40 calls a day, he said, the same number he’d get in a typical month before the pandemic hit.

I think they’re talking about Easter Sunday being the peak for some kind of Illuminati type reason.

But whatever.

This is officially over, and it is simply up to the government and the media if they decide to tell you that it’s over or if they start pushing some new level of extreme hoax to keep you locked in your house indefinitely.