Media Addresses Kooky Christian Conspiracy Theory That Melinda Gates is Satanic Because She Wore an Inverted Cross on TV

Certain sectors of the media are now reporting on Bill Gates’ wife wearing an upside down cross on television, assuring all of us that there is nothing strange about this at all.

No siree.

Many people worship Satan, and this private religious decision in no way relates to the Gates family’s agenda to force vaccinate the entire planet and implant them with microchips.

International Business Times:

A necklace bearing a similarity to an inverted cross, worn by Melinda Gates, has stirred a hornet’s nest with many accusing her to be a Satanist besides reigniting the controversy theory related to the couple’s role in coronavirus pandemic.

Both Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, who have been the most outspoken public figures involved in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, have remained in the thick of controversies related to the global pandemic.

In April, conspiracy theories linked the Gates couple with the pandemic with many claiming that Bill gates had prior knowledge of the pandemic. In yet another, rumors about the philanthropist trying to insert microchips in human beings under the garb of COVID-19 vaccine also emerged.

What Caused the Controversy?

The controversy related to a necklace worn by Melinda Gates erupted soon after she appeared during an interview on NBC News’ Today Show. Dressed in a pink top, Melinda, who spoke at length about coronavirus situation in the US and criticized the Trump administration, wore a necklace that appeared like an upside-down cross.

Quick to jump the guns, the conspiracy theorists lashed out at Melinda alleging that the necklace showcases Gates’ insulting the Christian faith by showing their allegiance to Satan. In a viral Facebook post, Serene Jordano called Melinda evil who went on to ‘show her satanic upside down cross around her neck’ on national television.

Despite the claims of these fundie Christards, Snopes has fact checked the fact that Melinda Gates wore an upside-down cross, and found that there is no evidence she even worships Satan at all.

You Christian idiots can choke on that, you stupid conspiracy theorist morons who don’t even believe in science: it’s not even an official symbol of the Church of Satan, and that is obviously the very specific claim you made when you said that the inverted cross is a satanic symbol.

We don’t even know if it is an upside down cross. Disgusting Christian morons who believe in God and the devil are deceitfully using this high resolution image in order to show that it is an upside-down cross:

But Snopes, which only cares about the facts, found this much lower resolution image, where it is much harder to determine what it is:

So maybe she’s a satanist, maybe it’s just an x, maybe whatever. No one has any idea what is going on, because truth is fundamentally unknowable.

The only truth is whatever the media says, because the media are the friends of SCIENCE! and it is only SCIENCE! that can ever protect us from the flu.