Meddling Pinko Jew Principal Literally Shaking After Being Misgendered as a Communist

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2017

Apart from the all white class and the lack of curvature in the teacher’s nose, I would guess this is close to how modern public school is.

We’re all well aware of how thoroughly POZ’d the public education system is. As the famous Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace sketch described it: “First three weeks, Holocaust. Next three weeks, black history month…”

Very reminiscent of my high school experience.

And nowadays it’s even worse, what with the racially charged anti-white rhetoric being shoved down students’ throats in the form of lectures on “white privilege,” “social justice” and supposed police brutality against basketball-Americans who were just on their way to the library. But according to some recent allegations, this already highly politicized atmosphere just wasn’t contentious enough for one Jewish principal out of New York City.


Jill Bloomberg, the outspoken and popular principal of Park Slope Collegiate principal of Park Slope Collegiate, appeared in federal court Monday to ask a judge to temporarily halt a Department of Education investigation against her.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, Bloomberg alleges that the city launched its probe in retaliation for her activism on behalf of her students. “What speech is prohibited?” she asked outside the courtroom. “The speech I am most known for is anti-racism.”

Right off the bat, there’s something gefilte fishy about how this Jewess is framing the situation.

Does she really think we’re supposed to believe that the Department of Education in the World Capital of Rootless Cosmopolitanism & Smug Shitlibbery is getting on a Jewish principal’s case for being “anti-racist”? That’s about as believable as a pedal-powered brain bashing machine.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

In March, the suit alleges, an investigator from the Office of Special Investigations, an arm of the DOE, visited Park Slope Collegiate and told Assistant Principal Carla Laban that the investigation pertains to “communist activities taking place at the school.”

The city denies any retaliation against Bloomberg. It argues that it first received a confidential complaint in May 2016 that Bloomberg was “actively recruiting students to participate in a political party,” later identified as the Progressive Labor Party. (The website for that party does acknowledge communist ties; Bloomberg says she is not a member.)

This sounds like some kind of leftist martyrdom fantasy come to life. “I was just speaking out against racism and the oppressive government came after me, even calling me a communist because they didn’t like that I was speaking truth to power. This is McCarthyism all over again!”

Well as it turns out, the issue wasn’t so much the type of politics that were allegedly being pushed, but the fact that they were even being pushed at all, which is standard operating procedure in public schools.

Bloomberg’s alleged political advocacy is a violation of two Chancellor’s Regulations, the city argues, which “prohibit the use of school facilities, equipment and supplies on behalf of political organizations.”

Sounds about right to me. Seems unlikely that they would pull such a specific group like the Progressive Labor Party out of thin air.

Bloomberg’s attorney Jeanne Mirer said in court that the allegations were false, and were having a chilling effect on the First Amendment rights of both Bloomberg and her colleagues.
“People who support civil rights and integration have long been called communists,” Mirer told the judge. “That’s why this investigation is so dangerous.”

She’s right, although there is absolutely merit to those assertions. The most famous “civil rights” leader of all time, St. Rev. Dr. Msgr. Martin Loofah Kangz, Jr., had a Jewish communist handler, Stanley Levison and even went to communist training camps. The CPUSA used to use civil rights and racial grievances as cover for their political operations.

“Y’all said they was gonna be free chicken wangz and some obese white women. Who’s dis Marx nigga? WTF!”

So back to this case, why would this Bloomberg woman be targeted? A co-worker was quoted as saying “I’ve never seen her furthering any political agenda whatsoever. She fights against racism, but I don’t really consider that partisan politics.”

OF COURSE! It’s not political, she’s just fighting against the elusive specter of racism. Nothing political about that since we obviously all agree on what racism is and that it’s always bad 100% of the time, right? And how exactly was she “fighting racism”?

New York Times:

Through the years, she has helped organize protests and assemblies to push for integration and equal resources and treatment for her almost entirely black and Latino student body.

But that changed in 2010, when she learned the education department wanted to open a new high school in her building to serve white middle- and upper-class families

Ms. Bloomberg said she did not understand why the white parents in the neighborhood could not simply send their children to one of the existing high schools. She said she thought the district had an excellent opportunity to integrate this black and Latino high school with white students from Park Slope and neighborhoods nearby.

A majority black and Latino high school? Sounds like paradise. What could be holding them back?

Over the years, Ms. Bloomberg supported her students in fighting the installation of metal detectors in their school, helped organize school assemblies to talk about police violence, and had spoken out passionately against segregation and what she considers racist Education Department policies.

Why wouldn’t you want your son or daughter in this environment? Really gets the noggin joggin’.

Things never really change. Every time we want something of our own, whether it’s racially restricted neighborhoods or our own schools, some nosy kike has to meddle in our business and force vibrant diversity into our lives. And it’s almost always the same playbook.

In his book The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State, Benjamin Ginsberg sheds some light on the black/Jewish alliance:

By speaking on behalf of blacks as well as Jews … Jewish groups were able to present themselves as fighting for the abstract and quintessential American principles of fair play and equal justice rather than the selfish interests of Jews alone.

It turns out that there was more to this alliance than simply fighting discrimination; by allying themselves with the blacks, the Jews found that they could covertly attack the people they perceived as their main political enemies and weaken if not destroy their political influence.

Straight from the Herschel’s mouth, ladies and gentlemen. Now THAT I can actually believe. It’s really hard to buy this scenario of a Jew being targeted in NYC for being too leftist.

My guess is that this Bloomberg lady is really shrill and annoying and got on the nerves of the wrong DOE employees. Much more believable than a Jew being persecuted for doing something out of the kindness of their heart.