Meathead Joe Rogan Sides With Allah-Praising Moslem Over McGregor

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2018

As many of you know, Joe Rogan is one of the biggest Alt-Right podcasters out there.

He has had many controversial Alt-Right personalities like Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker and Chuck Palahniuk on his show many times to promote the White ethnostate and call for the gassing of the Jews.

I personally know many respectable people who were converted into ‘roid-raging racists by Rogan.

But Joe has become too extreme for me over the recent UFC controversy. I find myself in a position where I simply have to disavow.


Radio host Joe Rogan, who was cageside at UFC 229, says Dillon Danis, a member of Conor McGregor’s fight team, was taunting Khabib Nurmagomedov, before the Russian lost his cool, and leaped out of the octagon to attack him.

First of all, he’s not a Russian lmao. He’s a Dagi or “dag.”

Which, incidentally, is pikey for a “dog.”

Oh and a technical point.

You can call Habibi whatshisname a “Rossiyan” if you like, because that just means someone who lives in the Russian Federation. But definitely not a Russian.

Okay, with that FactCheck done, let’s move on.

“Dillon was absolutely insulting Khabib, saying something to him and provoking him and then Khabib just jumped over the cage and attacked him,” Rogan, the presenter of the Joe Rogan Experience said on-air in the hours after the chaotic denouement to the title fight. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought Khabib was just going to jump to the top of the cage and say ‘F*** you’.”

The excess adrenaline in Khabib’s veins after he dispatched McGregor in a fourth-round submission to retain his unbeaten record, may cost him his UFC Lightweight title, and temporarily his license for future fights in Nevada.

“This is horrible. This is the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Rogan. “Attacking someone in the crowd is so stupid and so unnecessary and so foolish after such a spectacular victory.”

Look, Joe. No one particularly likes McGregor.

But it was a White guy vs a mountain-Moslem.

We all understood that we had to close ranks behind McGregor. Not because we liked the guy, but because he was marginally Whiter than the competition.

Did you not get the mass email? 

What difference does it make what so and so’s trainer said on the sidelines? Habibi himself admits that this was a religiously-motivated terror attack.

But in his press conference, Khabib revealed that he had been driven to distraction by McGregor’s over-the-line insults about his religion, family and country, and did not focus on Danis.

This Moslem did what literally all Moslems do periodically and that’s throw a chimp out.

Joe must have simply become confused by McGregor’s nigger-like behavior and thought that Habibi was actually, in fact, whiter. 

This is a common mistake made by smol-brained Alt-Righters like Joe.

In fact, this was the main reason for the recent Alt-Right/Neon-Nazi split.

See, Neon-Nazis understand that when a person becomes a Moslem, he forfeits his Whiteness. However, the ISIS-inspired Alt-Right encourages all of its members to convert to radical Wahabi-style Islam. That was the main reason for our split, which the media refuse to report on.

We could no longer tolerate men like Joe Rogan encouraging his young male listeners to join ISIS and support that Habibi guy against McGregor.

Lines have to be drawn, Joe.

I’m not going to reply to your drunken WhatsApp messages complaining about your kike wife anymore, either.

You can be the leader of the Alt-Right if you want, I don’t care. I’m going to stick to my principles. I simply feel bad for all the young white men that you’re leading astray with this Jihad stuff.

Habibi clearly was a fan of and listened to the Islamic preacher, Joe Rogan.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the teachings of Joe Rogan that convinced Habibi to launch his terror attack.

This is textbook Alt-Right/ISIS/Joe Rogan tactics.