Meat Shortage in Two Weeks – How Long Will We Have Any Food at All?

Pictured: You, three months from now

In actual reality, we are at the beginning not only of an economic collapse, but of a food crisis.

Just so you understand, people are already hungry.

Maryland is having big troubles.


In just 30 days, the Maryland Food Bank has spent more than $3.5 million on food amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Compare that to $220,000 during a typical month.

More than two million lbs. of food has been given out during the first two weeks of this month.

Despite its growing need, donations are down nearly 90 percent.

These food banks are going to go bankrupt shortly. They rely on donations.

Is the government going to run its own food banks?

Last week in Maryland, a grocery store offered free food, and the cops had to come in because hungry people aren’t thinking about this weird “social distancing” nonsense.

WJLA, April 17:

A grocery store chain offered free food for a couple of hours Friday, bringing out incredible crowds and long lines. And social distancing was not always followed at some branches of the store.

Long lines wrapped around Megamarts in Takoma Park, Rockville, and Gaithersburg as customers waited for free food, with little space between them.

In Rockville, SkyTrak7 captured the moment police arrived at the Megamart to enforce social distancing and crowd mandates.

In Arlington, police were called to manage the crowd and the store agreed to close for the day. The same happened in Gaithersburg.

Montgomery County Police say they responded to the Gaithersburg location, to assist with traffic control and crowd control.

While they were there, a cyclist was hit by a car but is expected to be okay.

The store then closed two hours ahead of schedule.

The longest line captured by SkyTrak7 was in Takoma Park, where some people stood in line for up to four hours. Officers also assisted there. According to a manager, 1,500 people received free food after first receiving tickets.

Despite their patience, some left empty handed.

There are white people in these lines.

Beyond the issue of people not having money for food, food manufacturers are shutting down because they’re afraid of the flu.

I don’t know how this is going to work out. This government simply is not competent. They are not capable of managing any of this.


First, it was just one plant shutting down. But now, it’s at least seven major U.S. meat facilities that have seen halts in the space of a few weeks. And all those voices previously assuring Americans that supplies would be fine now sound like a chorus of concern over shortages.

There’s been an avalanche of news in just 24 hours. Tyson Foods Inc. shut two of its key pork plants. Case counts continued to mount, including in Canada, where industry groups are saying they’ll probably hold back some of what’s usually exported to the U.S. Meanwhile, the head of JBS SA, the world’s top meat producer, warned of shortfalls.

The U.S. government also pushed out its monthly figures on frozen food inventories, which stood in sharp relief against the backdrop of closures. One figure in particular might give even the naysayers pause.

Combined pork, beef and poultry supplies in cold-storage facilities now stand equal to roughly two weeks of total American meat production. With most plant shutdowns lasting about 14 days for safety reasons, that raises the potential for deficits.

In March, when U.S. shoppers were clearing grocery shelves amid lockdowns, frozen pork in warehouses slumped 4.2% from February, the biggest drop for any March since 2014. That happened before the meat plants started closing.

“For all the talk of cold-storage supplies, it’s just never a lot,” said Bob Brown, an independent market consultant in Edmond, Oklahoma.

With the recent Tyson closures, about 18% of hog-slaughtering capacity is completely off line, and there are also additional slowdowns at pork, beef and poultry companies across the nation.

“When a facility closes, the availability of protein for consumers across the nation will only decrease,” said Steve Stouffer, head of Tyson Fresh Meats. “Consumers will see an impact at the grocery store as production slows. It also means the loss of a vital market outlet for farmers.”

Meat prices are surging on the disruptions. But with slaughterhouses closing, farmers don’t have a market for their animals. That’s causing hog futures to drop, potentially creating a situation where pigs get euthanized and buried as supplies back up. Meanwhile, retail costs may rise as grocery stores mandate rationing on pork chops.

Things are so dire that Iowa, the biggest hog state, activated the National Guard to help protect supplies.

“Meat shortages will be occurring two weeks from now in the retail outlets,” Dennis Smith, a senior account executive at Archer Financial Services, said, citing industry sources. “There is simply no spot pork available. The big box stores will get their needs met, many others will not.”

Meat shortage in two weeks.

So how long for the rest of the food? How long until grocery store shelves are literally cleaned out?

Well, I don’t know. No one knows, because the media is not investigating or reporting on this at all. Bloomberg is the only mainstream outlet that has been consistently talking about the economic ramifications of this lockdown, and they’re not really doing that great of a job. At least they’re interviewing people.

While they falsely call us “coronavirus denialists,” the Coronavirus Doom Cultists are literally economic collapse denialists. Very little is being reported by this situation, given that the media is run by Doom Cultists who are also women or who have the spirit of women and do not think their actions should have any consequences.

They shut down the economy, and the country is going to collapse, but they are using the strategy of “just pretend it’s not happening.” Almost all of the big headlines in the news are still about the stupid hoax, preaching retarded hysteria long after we had it confirmed as an absolute fact that this doomsday has been canceled. The other top headlines are talking about Trump.

The only time the economy gets any mention in the mainstream media is when they give a nod to people having a hard time, and they just tell them “don’t worry, this is hard but we’ll all get back to work soon.”

It is staggeringly infantile.

But these people have never had any hardship in their entire lives, and they are at the place where they appear to not even believe hardship is possible. So, no need to report on the fact that in the next couple of months, America may literally run out of food.

When we do run out of food, these people are going to tell us that the solution is more Somalian immigrants – “unlike whites, they’re hard-working and business minded, they’ll start food businesses and keep people fed.”

No joke.

I promise you, you will see a headline that says that you’re starving because President Trump didn’t let in enough immigrants.