Meanwhile, in the BBC Sidebar…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2019

The Daily Mail has turned sidebars into a science. What people want in their sidebars is TITS.

However, the BBC cannot comprehend markets, because they are paid for by the government, meaning they have no incentive to compete.

Because of this SOCIALISM, they fill their sidebar with niggers.

These are cartoonish stories.

Fighting toxic masculinity in Africa…


The Democratic Republic of Congo has some of highest rates of sexual violence in the world. But a new approach is trying to tackle this by encouraging men to confront and question their toxic masculinity.

Moises Bagwiza is one of the men who now reflects with regret on his past, and his recollections of how he treated and raped his wife, Jullienne, are frank, graphic and disturbing.

“Sex with her was like fighting. I didn’t care what she was wearing – I would just tear it all off,” he says.

In a modest bungalow in the quiet village of Rutshuru, eastern DR Congo, Mr Bagwiza recounts one particular assault when his wife was four months pregnant.

“I turned around and gave her a small kick on her stomach,” he says, explaining that she fell to the floor, bleeding, while concerned neighbours rushed over to take her to hospital.

Her crime? She had secretly been saving up money for household expenses through a local women’s collective.



Tété-Michel Kpomassie, grew up in West Africa but he was obsessed with the Arctic.

When he was 16 years old he ran away from his village in Togo determined to reach Greenland.

It took him eight years but in 1965, he finally arrived. He then went north to fulfil his dream of living among the indigenous people.

Years later, he wrote an award-winning account of his odyssey, An African in Greenland, which has been translated into eight languages.

Neither of these stories is interesting, let alone true.

And that is the threat of SOCIALISM.

Maybe Trump can use this in his campaign – “If Alexandria gets her way and institutes SOCIALISM in America, all your sidebars are going to be filled with nonsense stories about niggers.”