Meanwhile, In the Alternative Reality of the Jew WaPo Editorial Board…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2018

The ability of the Jew to lie is something that is truly awe-inspiring.

It’s just incredible. They can shamelessly market utterly false realities – fake realities that are the diametric opposite of objective reality.

Hitler was fucking right.

The Washington Post Editorial Board just issued this:

IT IS easy to become inured to President Trump’s persistent, exhausting campaign to delegitimize the people and institutions unwilling to accommodate his personal desires. A skilled propagandist, Mr. Trump constantly repeats and escalates his accusations, threats and outlandish claims: The FBI is corrupt; special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is running a rigged investigation; reporters are enemies of the people. As he intends, these begin to seem normal and even plausible to Americans who want to believe him.

But his latest escalation, on Twitter on Wednesday, should not be shrugged off.

They’re referencing this.

Mr. Sessions, who was deeply involved in the 2016 campaign, properly recused himself from decision-making in the Russia investigation. Mr. Trump has found no such reservoir of decency; instead, he has employed a cynical and despicable strategy to chip away at Americans’ faith in bedrock American institutions with the assistance of his lawyer, former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, who in his later years seems to be trying his best to mar his legacy as a former Justice Department prosecutor.

You have to have faith in bedrock institutions, goyim.

Like the CIA – which kept us from being nuked by Saddam Hussein.

They would never lie about anything, silly goyim.

If the country needed any more reminders that the Russia investigation exists for good reason, Facebook provided one this week. The social media giant revealed Tuesday that it shut down 32 pages and phony accounts apparently established to manipulate Americans during this year’s midterm elections. The fake accounts had attracted 290,000 followers and divisively fanned the flames of left-wing activism. Facebook could not conclusively confirm that Russia was behind the campaign, but evidence points strongly to the Kremlin. This revelation came on the heels of news that Russians last year attempted to hack into computers used by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

There is no “evidence” pointing to the Kremlin at all. Facebook itself didn’t even make that claim.

These accounts were all black and Mexican nationalists, new age shit, all anti-Trump.

So now the Russians are manipulating leftists into… being against Trump? 

Is that what you are saying, Washington Post Jews?

This is fucking insane. 

Russia attacked the country in 2016 and helped Mr. Trump win election. Senior intelligence officials have warned for months that the Russians have not paid a high enough price for their 2016 election hacking, that they have not been deterred and that they are not done meddling. Now concrete examples of more Russian interference appear to be emerging.

Instead of focusing on defending the country from further attack, the president has resisted and undercut efforts to evaluate what happened. It may be understandable for him to dislike anything that seems to question the legitimacy of his remarkable 2016 victory, which took most political professionals by surprise. But it is not acceptable to act on that sentiment by trashing American law enforcement professionals and journalists. He might see this as a win for his political brand. But he is hurting the country. So, too, are Republicans such as national security adviser John Bolton when they chime in on the “witch hunt” rhetoric.

By all appearances, Mr. Mueller is conducting the sober, effective investigation that the government asked him to conduct. He does not leak. He does not grandstand. He does his job. Let him get on with it.

I have said it before and I will say it again: the Russian kookspiracy is a bigger hoax than the Holocaust.

At least with the Holocaust, all of the evidence was behind the Iron Curtain. No one could prove it didn’t happen. And they didn’t even start really talking about it until 20 years after the war was over.

This Russian thing – we know it is fake, we know that a body of Democrats and Jews conspired to hoax this entire thing. It is all documented. We have all of these facts, showing them planning to do it and carrying out the plan.

The FBI conspired with the Obama administration to let Hillary off after she committed a bunch of felonies. Hillary faked an intelligence document. Obama and Comey used it to get FISA warrants, to spy on Trump and try to figure out ways to destroy his campaign. Then after he won, that same faked document – which was about urine-related sex acts, and which CIA director Brennen knew was fake when he sold it to the government – was used to open this investigation. The investigative team was lined with people like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who are on record conspiring at the FBI to stop Trump from becoming President.




It is the biggest hoax in all of history.