Meanwhile, In Germany…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2018

He was stressed.

He’d just gotten off his job in the high-tech industry, where he is working to pay the pensions of old white German folks.

He doesn’t really hold his home country over his new country of Germany, or resent the people of his new host.

He is a true German patriot, who escaped the brutal civil war in Syria from his home in Afghanistan to find a better life and pay the pensions of old Germans by working in the high-tech industry.

He is working hard to pay the pensions.

Everything is happening exactly as Mama Merkel said it would.

Can you believe that the Nazis actually doubted that her plan to march millions of illiterate Moslem gang-rapist terrorists into Germany wouldn’t actually result in great results?

It’s really driven by sexism as much as racism, I think.

Nazis fear a strong, short-haired childless female tyrannical overlord, because of Freud and the Authoritarian Personality and so on.