Meanwhile, In Britain…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2017

Why is the featured image a picture of David Cameron with retarded children, Fox News?

I mean, I get that you got an algorithm that says “UK” and “Down Syndrome” and gives you a picture, but where are your editors?

This is trending.

“People are fucking perverts to get some shit like this trending,” he said, as he aggregated the article on his virulent hate site.

Fox News:

A British court awarded a Down syndrome man nearly $13,000 for the government banning his wife from having sex with him because he, allegedly, couldn’t give consent to sex.

Before the ban, the man, who was not identified, had a healthy sexual relationship with his wife of five years, according to court documents.

The ban came after a psychologist for a local government entity – which was not identified to shield it from criticism – assessed the 38-year-old man and found him to lack the mental competence to willfully engage in conjugal relations, the court documents say.

A court council warned his wife that having sex with her husband would make her guilty of a serious crime. The man was ordered to attend a sex education course before he would be allowed to have relations with his wife.

But the course was delayed for more than year, earning him damages suffered for what the judge, Sir Mark Hedley, said in the court document was the “deprivation for at least 12 months of normal conjugal relations with his wife.”

The case began after the man’s sister brought her concerns about the course delays to the Court of Protection.

“The impact at the time must have been profound, not only for the loss of sexual relations, but for two other matters peculiar to him,” Hedley said. “First, he would have been unable to understand why what was happening should be so.”

“And secondly, in order as she put it, ‘not to lead him on,’ the wife understandably and foreseeably withdrew to another bedroom and withheld much physical affection.”

The man had to take two courses, because a therapist determined that while he made “sufficient progress” after the first one, he had not yet demonstrated an understanding about sexually transmitted diseases.

The case, the court document said, is rare because it pertains to a “settled, monogamous and exclusive married relationship.”

So which is weirder: the fact that some British bitch married a retard or the fact that the government decided it was appropriate to get involved in this situation?

(Third option: that header image with Cameron and the retard kids.)

Modern women are obsessed with power and control. This is the extreme version of dating a nagger or a cucked-out beta male.

But the government getting involved – like actually going in and saying “WHOA WHOA WHOA HEY THERE – THIS RETARD NEEDS TO TAKE A TEST ABOUT STDS BEFORE YOU CAN HAVE SEX WITH IT AGAIN, EVEN THOUGH YOU’VE BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS FOR SOME REASON” – that is almost inexplicable. Also the result of women, who now run the government, thinking that a country and in fact the entire planet should be run like a nursery.

Also, note that “consent” is now defined not by your age but by your ability to understand concepts. This is actually the core argument of pedophile advocates. Who, by the way, exist on the internet.

They have one organization called NAMBLA, which is the North American Man/Boy Love Association.

Their website is “”

Wonder who they registered that domain, where they promote sex with little boys?

Oh. Tucows.

Interestingly – or, you know, who knows, maybe you will find this interesting – Tucows is one of the companies who banned the Daily Stormer during our recent shuttening.

Here’s their blog post about the decision.

I think I’m going to go ahead and make a post about all of the various pro-pedophilia websites using services which have banned the Daily Stormer. I think that would be helpful to put things into perspective. Because I mean, you can point out all the Islamic terrorists they host, but then they’re just like “YEAH BUT YOU’RE ALSO TERRORISTS THOUGH.” So that’s sort of a dead end.

What they are claiming is that we are worse than people who openly advocate for sex with children.

Because I made a fat joke about a dead communist.

More About White Advocacy Being Worse Than Pedophiles

Also on the pedophile issue, for those who didn’t hear – this is probably the funniest thing that happened during this entire week of drama.

Tor attacked us.

For those who don’t know the story, we went on the Darkweb for a while.

The Darkweb is a place made accessible by the Tor project where people can browse websites that do not have domains with close to perfect privacy. Naturally, it is a hangout for child pornographers, first and foremost. It is also a place to buy and sell slaves and hard drugs, or to hire an assassin.

Tor has never denounced any of that.

Just us.

When these companies decide that I am a target to be kicked off of services and/or condemned, they are not only directly stating that white advocacy is worse than pedophilia, but they are tacitly saying that pedophile advocacy – and in the case of Tor, actual child rape and the sharing of child rape videos – is acceptable.

When these companies maintained a position of full neutrality, they could speak on the grounds of “well, we don’t condone anyone we provide services to, because we are a neutral party.”

But as soon as they said they don’t condone this website, they gave up neutrality, and are thus effectively condoning everything else.

That is how the slippery slope operates, of course, but it’s also how you prove that all these companies support child molesters.

I’m doing a list.

Looks Like Anglin is Back – And HE’S ON FIRE!

This article was classic Anglin.

Starts out with a weird story, then starts talking about something else with an “I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THAT COMING” segue, then brings it around to the thing that he currently get off his mind. To top it all off, he ends it with meta commentary on the article itself, while referring to himself in the third person.

Classic Anglin.

Keeps ya on your toes. Even keeps his own self on his own toes.