Meanwhile, Colombians Still Sacrificing Babies to Sun God

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2018

Such a nice place.

One look at these creatures and you start to understand how stuff like this is possible.


Colombia is considered to have the fourth largest Black African population in the western hemisphere, following Brazil, Haiti and the United States.

Keep the above in mind while reading further below.


The baby was stolen during the night, while her family was asleep in Vigía del Fuerte, Antioquia. Locals are scared, they say this is not a common murder but a satanic ritual because of Halloween.

One morning, a 28 year old single mother alerted the neighbors about her newborn baby’s disappearance. She fell asleep next to her and her 8 year old son, and at dawn, the baby was gone. After searching, the baby was found alive in a wetland.

“She was full of mud,” told the mayor of Vigía del Fuerte, Manuel Cuesta, to El Colombiano. One day later, the same thing happened, but this time, with a fatal ending.

They returned to where they found the baby the first time, and they found her dead body close by. “She was too deep into the mountain,” said the mayor.

The scene was terrifying. The baby was beheaded, one of her arms was missing, her heart was ripped out and her guts were out. That’s was confirmed by mayor Cuestas and public defender Carlos Negret to El Colombiano.

Ritual child sacrifice… yeah, that’s just something blacks do. No need for excuses such as Halloween.

Who could snatch the baby without waking her or her son up? How?

Was she high? Keep in mind, the three of them were sleeping next to each other. It’s not like they were in different rooms. Mudmanoid huts have no rooms, and they all generally sleep in a big pile like dogs. I don’t think they even have doors.

She might have called the police in a normal country, but rural Colombia isn’t exactly a place with working police protection.

And then, the next day, she does nothing at all to improve her hut security, and she wakes up to find the same thing has happened, again? How dumb can a single mother be?

They say they’re seeing very weird stuff in the sector these last few days (…) Same Friday there was something very weird, some kind of tornado above the house of the mother of the baby that tried to destroy it.

Baby-stealing tornado?

Let’s take a step back for a moment and consider where this – allegedly – happened.

Vigía del Fuerte.


Vigía del Fuerte is a town and municipality in the Colombian department of Antioquia. The town is on the eastern bank of the Atrato River, which is locally the boundary between the Antioquia and Chocó Departments of Colombia.



Before Spanish colonization, a large tribe, the Muisca, inhabited this part of modern Colombia. There is still much uncertainty about the origin of the tribes.



Human sacrifices were not uncommon, although those were not practiced anymore when the Spanish conquistadores arrived. Only from verbal tradition we know the Muisca performed them. Jiménez de Quesada wrote that “only captured other tribes, such as the Panche and others, were used for human sacrifices in the rare occasions where humans were offered”, while Lucas Fernández de Piedrahita described that “the best sacrifices to the gods were those of human blood”.[1]

All the chroniclers agree that in ancient times families offered one boy to the priests who raised them as a holy person and at fifteen years (other sources say twelve) these moxas were sacrificed. This was a great honour for the family and the victims. The sacrifices were performed by taking the heart out of the body or penetrate them with spears. At the Cojines del Zaque the moxas were sacrificed to Sué, just after sunrise.

After sunrise… check.

Remove the heart… check.

Age… error.

Yeah, no.

It was most likely a wild animal with a maxed stealth skill tree.