McDonald’s to Eliminate Massive Number of Jobs with Robotization

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2018

I am staunchly pro-robotization.

Also known as “automation,” although “robotization” is a much better term, this is the replacement of human beings with robots in menial jobs.

This process is going to accelerate the coming of a crisis of employment, which will lead to a negrocalypse.


As McDonald’s seeks to modernize its business, the company is placing a big bet on mobile and other tech platforms.

McDonald’s has been systematically adding self-service ordering kiosks and table service to stores as it works to “build a better McDonald’s.”

“What we’re finding is when people dwell more, they select more,” CEO Steve Easterbrook told CNBC on “Squawk on the Street” on Monday. “There’s a little bit of an average check boost.”

In fact, the company plans to upgrade 1,000 stores with this technology every quarter for the next eight to nine quarters.

“If you think about only two years ago, if you were a customer there were two ways you can get served at McDonald’s,” Easterbrook said. “You walked to the front counter and line up and take your drink and find a table or you go through the drive through. We’re introducing many options. They can order through mobile, they can come curbside and we’ll run it out as well as the existing traditional ways. You can pay in different ways and customize your food in different ways. I think we’re trying to add more choice and variety.

Basically, all of these brown people were brought into our countries under the guise of “doing jobs Americans don’t want to do.” That was the reasoning used for George Bush opening up the floodgates.

Floodgates which, just for the record here, Bill Clinton had kept closed.

He was actually, bizarrely, much better at keeping these people out than Donald Trump has been thus far (nb4 Trump is being cockblocked – yeah, I know, but still the fact is the fact).

Anyway yeah, Bush was all like

Anyway, that was a legit “corporations want to drive down wages and the GOP is a shill party for corporations” situation.

It was actually “Mexicans are doing jobs Americans won’t do for the wages that Mexicans will do them at.” Moreover, it was a “Mexicans are doing jobs corporations won’t spend the R&D budget to design robots to do.”

But whatever.

It was a pretty straightforward globo-capitalist ripoff scam, because the Mexicans actually were undercutting wages.

Under Obama, the whole corporate wage-destruction agenda still existed, but there was also a white genocide agenda at work, that Obama was very committed to – he was purposefully replacing the population for the purpose of harming whites.

So now here come the robots, finally.

These would have been designed in the Bush era, but it was cheaper to insource labor from Mexico that couldn’t be outsourced to China. But now, with technology having advanced significantly in the last 15 years, and this whole $15 minimum wage movement, corporations are like “okay, time to do robots.”

So this now means that none of these brown people we flooded the country with are going to have jobs.

They are all just going to be loafing around on welfare and committing crimes.

McDonald’s kiosks are just the beginning.

Self-driving trucks are going to take away 10 million jobs.

The movie Wolverine 3 actually was a great vision of 2029, overall. Multicult hell, poverty and of course, automated trucks.

Actually, side thing here, but Wolverine 3 was just in general a pretty good Western film. One of the best I’ve seen since Clint stopped making them.

I know it’s directed by a half kike, but it was genuinely entertaining. Unlike Disney’s Marvel movies.

Seriously: when was the last good, solid Western of the last decade?

I heard Dark Valley was good, but I can’t watch subtitles – I’ve got shit to do, can’t be looking at the screen every second to read words on it. Trailer looked good tho.

The last other good Western I remember was Nick Cave’s “The Proposition,” which was 2005.

Nick Cave weird guy. Always kinda liked him. Sort of felt like he never really became what he could have been. Like there was creativity in the man that wasn’t correctly expressing itself.

Part of that, I think, was that his genius wasn’t recognized, and so it was like, he never developed confidence to fully embrace everything that was in him. I wonder how many other geniuses that has happened to?

It’s kinda like there was this weird group of people who did recognize him, and he went with playing specifically to that group of weirdos. His newer stuff has just been… purposefully weird.

The soundtrack for “The Road” was really good. Not too weird.

I think he could have written more movies. He did one more recently but it had Shia LeBouf and I was just like “nah.”

Point being:


The only jobs are going to be for the educated. And not the educated in the “social sciences.”

This is going to create mass social unrest.

Which is good.

Change happens through chaos.

Chaos is our friend.

Hail the robot dawn.

Speaking of robots and underrated musicians, I gotta give a shoutout to the Protomen, who wrote a multipart rock opera about Megaman.

Part two is best.

It’s sort of anti-fascist I guess, because Wily is the bad guy. But still, artistically, very intelligent and creative. The dialog between Wily and Light as to the role technology will play in the future we are unthinkingly creating is high-tier. It goes beyond “freedom” vs “fascism” and good/evil memes, into a genuinely stimulating look at the subject of technology’s power to transform reality itself. The “what exactly are we doing here with this ultra-machinism?” question is addressed, with a Luddite position at least given a fair treatment.

In a fair world, not controlled by kikes, it would be on broadway.

It’s better than fucking Rent.

In fact, it should be a full “Tommy”-type film.

Why does all pop entertainment have to be shit?

Another chaos factor.

Good, in the end.

People are pissed about Roseanne.

They’re pissed about Star Wars.