McDonald’s International Sued for Global Sexual Harassment Conspiracy

Whether you know it or not, your delicious breakfast McMuffin is the result of systematic sexual abuse.

It looks like McDonald’s is finally going to face the music after running a global molestation conspiracy for decades.

The Guardian:

An international coalition of labor unions has filed a complaint against McDonald’s, alleging systemic sexual harassment of its employees around the world.

The complaint, filed at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s offices in the Netherlands, lists numerous incidents of harassment, including attempted rape and indecent exposure in the United States, a promotion in exchange for sexual acts in Brazil, and a hidden cellphone camera installed in the women’s changing room in France.

“There’s a rotten culture from the top,” said Sue Longley, the general secretary for the International Union of Foodworkers, at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, adding that the fast food giant has “failed dismally to take meaningful action about the problem”.

Jamelia Fairley, a McDonald’s worker in Florida who has become a minimum-wage activist, alleged that a male coworker groped her and another male coworker asked how much it would cost to have sex with her one-year-old daughter. She said that after she reported the men’sbehavior, her hours were drastically cut.

“No one should have to go through what we have been through,” she said.

The complaint, alleges that McDonald’s has failed to comply with the organization’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and is the first-ever case filed related to sexual harassment at a multinational.

Organizers said they filed the complaint with regulators in the Netherlands because McDonald’s’ Dutch offices were the company’s “nerve center” in Europe.

The unions claimed any actions filed in the US, where McDonald’s is headquartered, would be met with “unclean hands,” on McDonald’s’ part because sexual harassment “permeates the top ranks of corporate management” there.

The complaint does not seek any monetary action, but aims to bring McDonald’s to the table to come up with a plan together to combat sexual harassment at McDonald’s restaurants worldwide.

I have a story to tell, which I have kept secret for years.

During the early days of this website, I was working full time on the site but needed to supplement my personal income. There was a store manager job open at the local McDonald’s, which I qualified for. I went to the local branch of the McDonald’s corporate office for an interview.

When I walked in, I was shocked to find that the two men conducting the interview, obese men in their fifties, were wearing cowboy hats and cowboy boots and smoking cigars. This was in 2013, long after smoking had been banned from all office spaces, and the cowboy gear was never in fashion or anything close to normal in this area. One was wearing a black hat, the other a white hat. They introduced themselves as “Mr. Cletus” and “Mr. Jay-Bob.”

When I sat down, the one in the black hat, Mr. Jay-Bob, who was the fatter of the two said to me “so, sonny. You like burgers, do ya?” and I nodded in agreement. I was shocked when he followed the question up with “do ya like pussy?”

I was not sure how to answer, so I just laughed uncomfortably. The other man then interjected: “of course he likes pussy, Jay-Bob, he ain’t no sissy!” He then leaned in and slapped me on the back, and I could smell the stench of whiskey on his breath.

“Come on in here, Janet!” Mr. Jay-Bob yelled into the hallway. A young woman with gigantic breasts and bleached blonde hair, wearing high heels and a standard McDonald’s uniform, entered the room. Mr. Cletus slapped my knee and whispered in my ear, “go get her, hoss.”

I stood up and approached the woman, who smiled at me, and looked at the two men conducting this strange event, unsure of what was supposed to be happening.

“Well then son, go ahead and touch her,” Mr. Jay-Bob said. “Just go ahead and give her a bit of a squeeze.”

Hesitantly, I moved up behind Janet and began to slowly and lightly massage her shoulders. She began to sob, saying, “please, don’t do this to me,” and I backed away.

“Ain’t you know nothin, boy! When she say she don’t like it, that means she’s lovin it!”, Cletus exclaimed. “Now get in there and get yourself a feel of them titties.”

Janet smiled at me, and whispered that it was just part of the interview, saying it was a script and she wasn’t really bothered.

I slowly moved in and started to reach my hands up her sides toward the underside of her breasts. She again started sobbing, saying, “please, please, I’m married and I’ve got kids at home, don’t do this to me!”

I froze up and Mr. Cletus and Mr. Jay-Bob both scolded me. “This is the biggest part of your job at McDonald’s, boy, and if you can’t rightly squeeze a lady’s titties than you ain’t no good to us!”

I begrudgingly continued with the play molestation, because I really needed the job.

Janet then started to unzip my pants while sobbing, saying, “okay, I’ll do it one more time, Mr. Manager, but you’d better give me that raise you promised!”

As she reached her hand into my pants, I pulled back and turned to the two interviewers and said, “okay, guys, I really am not comfortable with this, and I think McDonald’s probably isn’t the place for me.”

They looked angry, and then Mr. Jay-Bob pulled a large revolver from his pants and pointed it at me, saying “your right it ain’t. You’re a damn sissy-boy, and at McDonald’s, we ain’t got no time for sissies.”

Mr. Cletus spat on the floor near my feet, and then Janet started shouting, “shoot him, Jay-Bob! He’s a sissy-boy! Shoot him! Kill him dead, Mr. Jay-Bob!”

“Maybe I should just kill him. Lord knows the world’s got enough sissies in it without letting this little faggot walk around breathin up all the air.”

I stood perfectly still.

He lowered the gun. “No… no, I’m not gonna kill him today, because I don’t want to get his brains all over that nice clean wall. But you listen to me and you listen good, sissy-boy: I own your life now and if I ever catch your sissy faggot ass in my McDonald’s, Ima gonna kill ya.”

I ran out the door, never to enter another McDonald’s, never to tell this story to anyone – until now.

So yes, as crazy as it sounds, I do believe that McDonald’s is involved in an international sexual molestation conspiracy, and that they have a system to only hire fellow sexual predators in order to keep the rape machine going.

I have no doubt that people in the Netherlands ordered people in Brazil to put cameras in the women’s bathroom as part of this conspiracy.