McCuck on Twitter: I Went Full-Cuck for Shekels

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2015


Having been questioned on Twitter about his perverse cuckoldry, Gavin McCuck has thrown an estrogen-driven hissy-fit.

I don’t know if this was predictable or not. The hissy-fit, I mean. The backlash was unavoidable.

He tried to cuck us with Jew-love and support for Bitch-burning Blacks.

He began the hissy-fit by saying he is proud of his own cuckoldry, wherein he enjoys seeing the resources of Whites transferred to Christ-killers and bitch-burners.

Yes, in 2000, wanting to see your wife banged by a Black was definitely blasphemy. If that is indeed what you are saying, Gav.

He then called people “ridiculous” for criticizing him anonymously – a common internet response when no response exists.

He then said he’s rebellious, and getting fired.

Not too rebellious though, Gav. You support transferring America’s wealth to parasite Jew-Israel, which is the same position that all of the mainstream right and left have.

Do you really care about Western civilization? Or do you care about the shekels?

What kind of a White man supports giving trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives to a foreign country which has vowed to destroy us? Seems to me it’s the same kind of guy who enjoys watching his wife get banged by Black guys.


Sadly, it seems that McCuck did not understand that the overwhelming majority of people who enjoy his materials are Jew-hating racists, skinheads, members of the KKK and/or 4chan, White supremacists and anime Nazis.

The man should have hired a publicist, or some other, more-advanced type of media strategist.

If McCuck loses us – as he just did with the Jew-loving and Nazi-shaming – who exactly is going to care about him?

80% of Fox News viewers are watching it from a nursing home. Seriously, turn on the channel, it is all ads for walkers and adult diapers. It is not a very key demographic share.

Presuming he doesn’t actually believe that the Jews are the chosen people and our greatest ally, and was instead attacking “anti-Semitic White supremacists” as a career move he thought would increase his pile of shekels, he made an incredibly bad decision.

He could have become a folk hero for the disenfranchised White masses. Instead, he decided to become yet another spineless cuck shilling for the Jews.