McCain’s Former Campaign Manager on Chad Graham’s Transformation: “A Profound Disappointment”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2018


It’s not just me who sees the change in Lindsey Graham, who, since he began his transformation, many have taken to calling “Chad Graham” and “Graham Master Slam.”

After the Kavanaugh monkey circus last night, MSNBC was sent into a state of both shock and outrage after Graham – a man who they once viewed as “their guy on the inside” – went Full-Dredd on the entire kike establishment, veering dangerously close to outright calling for the Stairs of Death.

MSNBC brought on Steve Schmidt, a former campaign manager for the now completely and totally dead John McCain, the former abusive and domineering homosexual lover of Lindsey Graham.

“Since the death of John McCain I think you can draw a line to the dizzyingly fast degree to which he has become an unquestioning Trump supporter,” sickening cock-sniffer Brian Williams said to Schmidt, while bobbing his lopsided face up and down like a Down Syndrome patient in a straight jacket. “What do you think is the motivation here?”

“He’s corrupted by ambition, corrupted by politics,” the confused and apparently drug-addled Schmidt lied. “This country could use a statesman right now and Lindsey Graham, for a long time, was on a path, that he could be that person… and to see him corrupted by the Trump era, to see him become sycophantic, to see him become dishonest and angry and sneering – it’s just tragic. Certainly not the person I once knew.”

The person who you once rimmed, more likely, you dastardly fiend.

This sleepy sonovabitch quit the GOP earlier this year because “muh principles.”

It is now clear without doubt that John McCain was involved in an abusive homosexual relationship with Graham, which was based on exploiting the fact that Graham was abused by an adult homosexual when he was a small boy. McCain saw this weakness in the traumatized Graham, and used it serve his sexual satisfaction and his communistic desire to destroy the world for the kikes.

Graham cried at McCain’s funeral, as is normal for homosexual “bottoms” (that means, the one in the relationship who gets fucked up the ass) to sympathize with their “top” (the assfucker) oppressor.

But just like OJ Simpson when he walked out of the Brentwood condominium of Nicole Brown Simpson covered in the blood of that stupid whore and her kike sexfriend, Lindsey has found a new sense of freedom and liberation.

“Walking on sunshine,” I believe is the term.

Graham no doubt still has a long way to go to get over the trauma of the sexual and psychological oppression of being John McCain’s “bottom.”

He is, primarily, need to enter into Christian Gay Conversion Therapy, as is seen in this Christian documentary film.

If he cannot ever get to the point where he can manage to have sex with a woman, he must at least get to the place where he no longer has an uncontrollable desire to take dicks up his asshole.

But he’s already come so far.

We’re here for you, Lindsey.

Welcome home, buddy.