Meghan McCain Calls for Partiers to be Tortured, Gook-on-Gook Censorship and More

Is this face made of Silly Putty?

I don’t usually need “and more” posts, but there is a lot going on right now.

First order: Meghan McCain, the fat son of the late John McCain (Pronouns: It/Thing), is calling for the Capitol Party Squad to be sent to Gitmo, denied trials and tortured.

This is being questioned as funny, because John McCain was allegedly tortured by homosexual gooks during the Vietnamese war.

Speaking of homosexual Vietnamese gooks, everyone’s favorite one is under assault by a much hated gookess.

Sarah Jeong, who is just really gross, is on the warpath to get Andy Ngo banned.

Literally, the only thing Andy does is catalog the actions of Antifa. He just sits there and posts videos of them rioting. He doesn’t really ever even comment on any of it.

Probably, what we have here is actually personal. There is this thing in Asia where women get really jealous of gay men who are prettier than they are.

And, I mean… well, just check the side-by-side pics.

In other news, people’s homes across the country are being raided by feds. Including even women.

The bleks are calling for their anthem to become the national anthem.

But they just want equality, you see. But, you see, because they weren’t equal before, in order to have equality now, they have to dominate you, you see.

New York Times is sad you’re leaving.

Oh – and Trump has declared a state of emergency to protect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

But what if this state of emergency is actually a ploy… and the military is being sent in to stop Joe Biden’s inauguration?

Q was right all along!

Get ready for the storm!

It’s here, buddy!

Yeah but no, seriously – stay the hell away from DC, forever.