Mayor of Chicago Releasing 2 Week Old Video of Mexican Teen Shot by Police (UPDATE: Bodycam)


Bodycam was released.

I just watched Sean Hannity do a frame-by-frame analysis, and the kid has a gun that he throws just before he gets shot by the cop. They found weapon discharge particles on his hand.

The cop is an Iraq veteran, and maybe that is something we could talk about in “police reform” – this idea that we bring people back from Iraq and put them on our own streets. I don’t know that vets should or shouldn’t be cops, or the percentage of these incidents that involve vets, but it seems like something you’d maybe want to pull statistics on. Maybe there could be a process and testing that a soldier has to go through before he becomes a domestic cop? I have no idea if it is even a problem, but I do think that even normal white people feel that the police are way too aggressive, so we could look at that.

But instead, I guess we’re going to totally abolish the cops, and only have cops to arrest white people who are mean to blacks they catch menacingly stalking through their front yards.

Original article follows.

Methinks this is probably not a recent photo.

What the heck is this crap?

It’s supposed to be BLACK LIVES MATTER. That means Mexican lives don’t matter, okay?

Anyone who gets sad about a Mexican boy dying is no better than a QAnon insurrectionist.

Chicago Tribune:

Hours before city officials plan to release video of a police officer shooting 13-year old Adam Toledo, Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday asked Chicago residents to withhold judgment and again called for peace.

The mayor choked back tears as she discussed the city’s endemic gun violence, saying, “We can’t have that be what young people experience in our city.”

“Simply put, we failed Adam,” she said during a City Hall news conference.

Lightfoot recounted how, two weeks ago, “a tragedy occurred that left a child dead, a mother in mourning and a family in crisis.”

“I have seen those videos and let me just say they are incredibly difficult to watch, particularly at the end,” Lightfoot said.

Toledo was fatally shot by a Chicago police officer in the early morning hours of March 29 in a Little Village alley after a foot pursuit, touching off protests and demonstrations in the neighborhood.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability, which investigates all shootings by police, said it would release video of the shooting and other materials on Thursday, and that the Toledo family had been notified of that decision.

Well, the solution is to completely abolish the police. That will make everyone safer.

But uh…

Seriously though.

This happened two weeks ago, no one heard anything about it, then Duante gets killed, then we have the Jonathan Petland incident, now they’re releasing a two week old video of a Mexican boy getting killed by police?

All amidst the background of the Derek Chauvin trial?

How obvious is it that she saved this video to release in the middle of other tensions?

Is there anyone in the country who isn’t sitting here thinking: “Well, it looks like the media and the government are trying to incite a gigantic riot movement in order to remove the police so they can create total anarchy on the streets”?

I’m just joking. Literally no one but me, and you, dear reader, is thinking that.

Everyone else has gone completely insane. Even right-wingers. I listen to podcasts you guys, and the things these people are saying are stupid. They’re saying things like “oh, Biden will stop the riots to show he’s better than Trump,” or “oh, Biden can’t control the riots, they’re going to get out of control and he’s going to look really bad.”

What the heck is wrong with all these people?

Firstly, yes, the Democrat Party can control these riots – by simply not starting them. These riots are promoted by the media, exclusively. That’s where they come from. The media and the Democrats are the same entity. Furthermore, the Democrat politicians – like this Chicago bitch and her two weeks old tape – are working with the media to set up these events.

Seriously, right wing bloggers, Tweeters and podcasters: you don’t have to say “oh, looks like Anglin was right!”

I don’t care about credit here.

Just stop putting out wrong information.

I have been right so many times over the last 18 months that even if you yourself don’t understand it, you can just copy what I write and pretend it is your own idea. You can even directly plagiarize my material like Paul Joseph Watson has done for the last 7 years. I don’t care. Literally, I don’t care. The only reason I call out PJW is because he uses it to try to start neocon wars.

Like, he goes out there and says shit he got from this website, then people start to trust him because he’s telling truthful information and making accurate predictions, then he goes out and says “oh and by the way also, we need to go to war with China to defend Antifa rioters in Hong Kong, and also we should go to war with Syria for some reason.”

What many stupid morons don’t understand is that Watson’s shilling for war with the Chinese, shilling this Hong Kong Antifa homosexual stuff, leads directly to mass Chinese immigration. If right-wingers hate the Chinese so much, why do they support policies that will lead to Chinese immigration waves in the millions or tens of millions?

I just typed “Hong Kong Immigration” and got this from yesterday:

Dear everyone who supported Hong Kong Antifa and said I was a CCP shill: this is your fault.

Hundreds of people attacked me and called me a CCP shill for not supporting Antifa in Hong Kong.

You people are sick, and you’re stupid.

Why did you want this? Millions of Chinese immigrants? What is wrong with you?

We know why Watson wants it: he’s into Chink twinks.

He’s sick.

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You see why that specifically bothers me?

If you don’t use my information to promote wars and mass nonwhite immigration agendas like Watson, then I won’t ever call you out. You can literally copy and paste my writing as your own – I don’t care and I won’t call you out. We just need a higher quality of information than this, and we need it quickly.

My reach is limited, because I am literally banned from everything, including basically Google itself, but most importantly Facebook. Someone else has to spread this information. There are some people doing it and may God bless you, but you people doing the “oh, Biden, oh, he’s trying to figure it out, oh, maybe the riots are organic” nonsense – please, please, stop. You’re hurting America and you’re making yourself look like an asshole.

Antifa is run by the FBI. Period. We’ve been over this six million times. That is the only way they would be allowed to commit all these crimes and never get arrested, let alone pulled up on RICO.

It’s all a charade. The media stages the outrage.

If you have some clever take where maybe the riots will make people more racist – okay, fine. Maybe that’s true. Probably it is. But don’t say they’re not planned, or that Biden is secretly planning to stop them somehow – this bullshit is retarded, and you morons are actively confusing people.