Maybelline Throws Women Under the Bus For First Gay Ambassador

Daily Stormer
January 19, 2017

Meet Maybelline’s first gay ambassador.

How beautiful and progressive!

So this fag made it into the news because like the poofta he is, he needed his father to come to his rescue and protect him against all those scary internet trolls.

Daily Mail:

Maybelline’s first male make-up model, Manny MUA, doesn’t tolerate bigoted haters — and neither does his very supportive father.

Earlier this month, self-dubbed ‘Christian columnist and political incendiary’ Matt Walsh tweeted a picture of Manny in a full face of make-up, his dark lipstick and cat-eye liner perfectly painted on.

But he wasn’t complimenting 25-year-old — he was shaming him, and the young man’s father for letting him grow up that way.

Manny’s dad, Mr. Gutierrez, also spoke up. He sent Manny a long, heartfelt text addressed to Matt, and asked his son to post it online.

Not only is his son a disgrace to human civilization, be he also feels entitled to be degrading and obscene when talking about other groups of people (like every other fairy on the planet), and I guess Maybelline are okay with this.

For some reason faggots are allowed to do whatever they want.

With this card you shall say whatever you please and always be seen as the victim!

I know I’m sick of it, and I am calling Maybelline out for hiring a faggot that has no issues with talking about females in a derogatory and childish way.

I know that feminists are too gutless to ever stand up to actual sexism and only love to raise hell when it means a straight white male is the bad guy, but I’m disgusted that a company for women would allow their consumers to be thrown aside for an individual who has a mental illness and can’t even work out what gender he is.

So meet Maybelline’s newest gay Ambassador, a company whose main demographic is females:

Every damn day I have to put up with shitlibs telling straight white men to stop being sexist pigs just because they open the door for a female, but apparently a homosexual talking about shitting on whores’ faces and referring to women as ‘hoes’ is 100% okay.

If feminists paid attention they’d come to realize that their biggest enemies should in-fact be fags.

They literally go through excruciating anal sex just to avoid them

They have taken everything away from females and appropriated it.

It’s never okay for a woman to want to wear makeup. Apparently putting on makeup is holding them back and they should be ‘brave’ and bare face it. Women who wear makeup are told they are doing it for attention or because they have low self esteem.

But when a faggot wants to wear makeup (for attention and because they have low self esteem) it is considered beautiful and empowering.

Women can’t be at-home mothers or feminine, but everybody drops whatever they are holding and applauds the faggots that want to be feminine and raise families.

They also mock women and reduce them to handbags and makeup (because according to the LBGT community, wearing lipstick and a wig means you’re a woman) and for some reason they always feel like they have the right to talk on behalf of women, as well as throw around terms that degrade them.

Gee, I wonder who we thank for feminism and the gay agenda. Seriously, why do these people exist?

Women are the reason Maybelline is such a successful company, and instead of hiring a woman to be an ambassador, they have gone and hired someone who talks trash about them.

Good one Maybelline.

There was also a scenario where he released a snapchat video of him happily watching the owner of Gerad Cosmetics call a female consumer ugly.

And in Manny’s own words, he has no real issue with this.

If Manny wasn’t the newest Ambassador for Maybelline then I honestly couldn’t care less about any of this, as he would just be another subhuman on the world wide web, but for every straight white male that has been picked on by man-hating feminists, it is time that somebody else who actually deserves to be labelled a sexist, doesn’t get away with it because of their victim privilege.

I encourage all right-winged women to stop buying Maybelline products, because clearly the company cares more about press than the women who fund them. And I want you to send as many messages as possible to Maybelline, demanding that they answer why they would promote somebody who has no respect for women.

Gay people appear to think they can have a free ride and do/say whatever they want, and that just doesn’t work for me.


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You can also call Maybelline on 1300 369 327

L’Oreal is also the parent company of Maybelline, so feel free to let them know as well as parents always need to know what their children are up to:

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If anybody can also find the contact information for the following two people, then that’d be terrific!

Leonardo Chavez, President (Global)
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