Maybe You Should Have Told Your Girlfriend to Shut Her Mouth?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 14, 2015

Reddit is a  dealing with the huge problem of trying to censor content on a community site based on user-submitted content. Much of what is on there now, when you go to the main page, appears to have been falsely promoted by a team of Reddit-run bots.

But I don’t know. Reddit has always been sort of gay. It was just cool when you could do racism on there freely.

This was the top story last time I was there, from imgur.

Girlfriend is always telling me my shirts are the same color. I had to prove her wrong.

Far from being completely benign, however, this particular post is one an entire book could be written on. I won’t write a book, but I will give a few comments.

Firstly, I can hear his girlfriend telling him this. It wouldn’t be a genuine complaint. It would be a form of passive-aggressive female harassment known as “nagging.”

A woman will nag a man when she wants something other than what she is nagging about, or when she simply wants to prove that the man is capable of asserting himself and telling her to stop. She doesn’t do this because she wants you to create a piece of art with your shirts.

All this artwork will do is anger her that the man missed the actual purpose of her nagging, and will probably also inspire her to leave him as soon as she secures a viable alternative male. By doing this, he did not “prove the point” that the shirts were not all the same color – the vibrancy of these shirts in an objective fact, something which does not mean anything to a woman. All he did was prove he is a beta faggot who would rather make art from shirts than deal with his female’s needs.

Making art from shirts may or may not be faggy in itself, but trying to prove an objective fact to a woman is always faggy and a need to do so is always recognized as weakness by a woman.