Maybe MAGA is Ready to Talk About the Jews?

Along with the Daily Stormer, there were two big internet forces in Donald Trump’s 2016 victory: 4chan’s /pol/ and reddit’s r/The_Donald.

The Stormer and 4chan were places for younger people, while reddit was a place for boomers and younger people who act like boomers.

After Charlottesville, reddit began banning things, and they restricted and ultimately banned r/The_Donald. That community moved to TheDonald.Win.

The day after the inauguration, that community moved to

Today is a big day – after five years, The Donald has rebranded to

The first reason goes without saying… we’re in a period of transition with yesterday’s fraudulent inauguration. It will likely be some time before Trump gets back to actively communicating with his base, but we intend to do what we can to keep our part of this movement as active as ever.

We’re not turning against Trump – not at all, our branding and our rules will remain the same for the immediate future. If Trump moves forward with the rumored Patriots Party, then we’re perfectly positioned to fully support him in that endeavor.

It is our duty to step up and call out the disaster that this administration will be.

This rebrand does not indicate a change in moderation policy.

I have not been a reader since 2016, but I’d imagine that it is currently fertile grounds to spread information about Our Greatest Ally to these folks. They are looking for someone to blame, and they certainly can’t blame a senile old man. As hard as they are trying, I don’t think blaming China is really going to be sustainable.

Maybe, they’re finally ready to hear about who is responsible for our problems?

They might not be.

Who knows.

I don’t know.

But I do know this: It’s worth a shot. Not just on The Forum Formerly Know as The Donald, but anywhere that you’ve tried to spread the truth about Jews among right-wingers and eventually given up or been banned.

We’re in a new era here now, folks.

Go back around. Don’t act like a moron. Don’t be too aggressive. Use a Christian angle. Be gentle.

Understand: anyone who doesn’t understand the Jewish problem at this point in the game is not suffering from stupidity, but an actual mental disorder. They are in denial of a problem which exists right in front of their faces.

There are two main reasons for the denial.

Childhood Brainwashing and Trauma-Based Psychological Abuse

Every child is taught that the Holocaust was the worst event in history, and they are continually traumatized with it, throughout their childhood. Along with watching an endless number of films, and reading books about this alleged historical event, small children are shown pictures of piles of corpses. The bodies are often naked, and before the internet and pornography, this was usually the first time that a child has seen an image of a naked body – or a pile of corpses. I remember seeing those pictures, I remember the triggers that went off the first time I saw a Holocaust denial post on the internet.

Every single person raised in the Western education system is programmed with these triggers, and unless they have some sort of anti-social disorder, they have to deal with these triggers. When a person who is programmed like this as a child hears things against the Jews, it will elicit the emotional intended response. The person either has to deal with the emotional response, or not.

The Daily Stormer’s first mission was to use various forms of shock humor and spectacle to break through this mental conditioning. The facts were all widely available, and I understood that it was a psychological problem that was preventing people from looking at the Jewish problem, and that this was largely related to the idea that anyone who speaks of the Jews is evil.

Here we are, all these years later (nearly 8 years, in fact), and every single person on the internet has been exposed to shock humor relating to Jews and the Holocaust. Many people have confronted and dealt with the triggers, due to the humor breaking their spell, or just the bombardment of facts. But others retreated back into the childhood fantasy of the Holocaust and the Jews as good but persecuted people.

I think that the recruiting capacity of shock humor is mostly exhausted. Most of the jokes are old. Seeing someone joke about a gas chamber now feels a bit like seeing someone make a reference to Ace Ventura or dance the Macarena. The fact that it is this played out means it no longer has the intended effect.

However, this being said: I think that the election fraud and subsequent takeover by Joe Biden is enough to traumatize these people into looking at what is right in front of their faces. What’s more, they already have the background, the knowledge that there are huge numbers of people that believe the Jews are a serious problem, that they’re not really going too far into the fringe at this point.

Evangelical Christian Heresies

Evangelical Christians have devoted themselves to believing that the Jews are the people from the Bible. As we’ve talked about on this site in detail, “the Jews” are not the people of the Bible; they are the remote decedents of Israelites who rejected Christ.

Most of the people of Palestine after the time of Christ became Christians, obviously. So even if you believed in the heresy that the covenant of Abraham was not transferred to all Christians after Christ came, then you would still be dealing with the fact that the majority of Abraham’s descendants are Christians (or atheists or Moslems for that matter), and not Jews. Jews are “children of Abraham” in the same sense that blacks are “children of Thomas Jefferson.”

The Wikipedia page about supersessionism (the traditional Christian view on the Abrahamic covenant, established 2,000 years ago by Saint Paul) actually mentions that the view that modern Jews are “God’s chosen people” was invented as a response to the Holocaust:

Supersessionism has formed a core tenet of the Christian Churches for the majority of their existence. Christian traditions that have championed dual-covenant theology (including the Roman Catholic, Reformed and Methodist teachings of this doctrine), have taught that the moral law continues to stand.

Subsequent to and because of the Holocaust, some mainstream Christian theologians and denominations have rejected supersessionism.

The entire concept of a Jew is “a person who rejects the divinity of Christ.” That is how they are defined and how they define themselves. Each and every Jew wakes up every day and denies the divinity of Christ. They go through their day – banking, running the government, organizing Antifa, making Hollywood films or producing pornography – denying the divinity of Christ. They go to sleep at night, denying the divinity of Christ. The logic that God has “a special place” for the people who rejected and murdered Christ, and to this day define themselves as rejecters of Christ, is obviously nonsensical on its face, and the fact that these people believe it means that they have deep spiritual problems.

The boomers have brain damage from all of the lead paint and LSD, and they’re probably not going to come around on this issue. But the boomers are really old, and most young people raised in the Christian church didn’t develop the same psychological attachment to the Jews as the boomers.

Presumably, a lot of Christians who believe in this heretical and satanic doctrine that God loves the satanic, Christ-killing Jew communists, bankers and pornographers more than he loves His own followers are not aware that this doctrine was invented after the Holocaust as a way to justify the establishment of a Jewish state inside of Palestine. So, simply telling them that might have an effect.

“What gives you the right to throw out 2,000 years of Christian history, and say you know better?” is a line that I’ve found effective.

It’s a shame we don’t have any real Christian leaders alive to refer these people to. Obviously, there are a few, but none of them are particularly good. But it is trivial to establish that dispensationalism and “dual covenant theology” were invented in the 20th century and primarily promoted by televangelists, most or all of whom were directly funded by Jews.

Donald Trump was Brought Down by the Jews

It’s simply a fact that from the media to the Democrats to Jared Kushner, the people who destroyed Donald Trump’s presidency were Jewish.

That should be the theme of everything, moving forward.

If the presidency of Donald Trump taught us anything, it’s that you can’t beat the Jews without addressing them directly. You can’t maneuver around the Jewish question.

What America and the entire West needs is a Christian movement that rejects Jews and Jewish domination. If Donald Trump would have addressed this problem, he wouldn’t have been forced out of office by Jews.

What Not to Do

Don’t go around talking about how Trump was a “traitor” or whatever. Whether or not he betrayed us there at the end is now irrelevant. Clearly, he did betray us, insofar as he denounced his own supporters, repeatedly, after having incited them to riot.

But that was a sad thing, where he was in a state of confusion and fear, and trying to keep from going to prison. Frankly, we need to just forget about that. It is not the behavior of an adult male to get all emotional about this. Trump, no longer having any power, is no longer relevant. What is relevant now is the story of Trump, the myth of Trump, and we should use that to our advantage, not act like a bunch of crybabies or teenagers who are angry with their father.

There is zero strategic value in talking about Donald Trump as anything other than a tragic figure: a brave patriot who tried to save America but was thwarted by satanic Jews.