Maybe If Andrew Kaczynski Repented, God Would Heal His Child’s Cancer?

Writing about the program of brutal censorship this morning after a German scientist had his door kicked in by cops and was arrested at gunpoint for questioning the coronavirus narrative, I mentioned the incident where CNN hunted down and blackmailed a person that made a meme making fun of CNN, which was retweeted by Donald Trump.

The animated gif featured a clip from Donald Trump’s WWF days, with the head of someone he was beating up replaced with the CNN logo.

Shortly after the meme went viral, the meme’s creator, Han Asshole Solo, posted a long, confusing apology on r/The_Donald for having made the meme.

We soon found out Han Asshole Solo’s real identity was somehow figured out by “KFile” writer Andrew Kaczynski, who went on to publicly document that he contacted the man and threatened to publicly expose his identity if he continued to make memes. The apology was posted after Solo was contacted by Kaczynski.

Kaczynski even noted in his article that his purpose in doing this was to make an example of him.

Here’s the passage containing the threat from the July 5, 2017 article on CNN, menacingly entitled “How CNN found the Reddit user behind the Trump wrestling GIF”:

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

As the title implies, the article also included a detailed explanation of how they are able to track people down and find their real identities, something that a mainstream media publication had not previously had the nerve to publish. (It is possible and probable that the FBI simply told Kaczynski the man’s identity.)

Obviously, the implication is that if his name is published by CNN, he will lose his job, get a divorce, and may in fact have a group of masked men – Antifa, a domestic terrorist group that the FBI refuses to prosecute, claiming that they are “an idea” – visit his home and beat him.

Of course, by the time this happened, people like myself had already been completely ruined by the system. I had been totally censored, FBI agents and journalists had stalked my family, I had been defamed in every way imaginable, with The Atlantic going so far as to claim I was both gay with black men and a (heterosexual) pedophile. Every nasty thing had been done to me. But I was a famous public figure, considered worthy of the cover of a magazine. That is something very much different than a random reddit user making a harmless meme for fun.

The only way to interpret hunting down and threatening a random person like this is as an implementation of the chilling effect (a concept elaborated on by me in the above linked article earlier today). The fact that the meme was so harmless and silly was a way to say “yes, this means all of you – just shut your mouths and do what we tell you.”

I remember exactly where I was when I read this CNN article, and I remember thinking that this was an absolute game-changer. I thought: “The mainstream media has a huge amount of resources, and if they start using those resources to target individuals, everyone is going to fall in line with their program.”

Since then, that’s exactly what’s happened. The most obvious example is the “Karen” phenomenon, where the media will aggressively make examples of random white women who do anything that they don’t want society as a whole to do and completely destroy their lives.

Remember the woman who got scared of the black man threatening her in the park, whose life the media destroyed?

That’s on top of the destruction of the lives of innumerable people who said naughty things on the internet and were doxed by Jewish dox squads.

There are many such cases, and just as these cases rose, the American people got the message and fell in line. You can trace a direct path from the threats of doxing Han Asshole Solo to 2020’s bizarre events, including the entire coronavirus hoax and that lunacy with the Black Lives Matter uprising. These are things that could have been prevented if people were willing to resist, but people weren’t willing to resist, because whether they are conscious of it or not, they have been psychologically trained through media-induced trauma to know that when you resist, you are forced to undergo pain.

After CNN published the piece, #CNNBlackmail trended on Twitter, and the entire media covered it.

CNN issued a statement simply saying that it wasn’t blackmail, without explaining what “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change” meant. (As seen above, that sentence was never retracted from the story.)

Obviously, the entire concept of hunting him down wouldn’t make any sense if they weren’t planning on threatening him. Why would it matter who made this silly gif?

The reason the media made such a huge deal out of the backlash against CNN is that they wanted everyone to know what was going on. They wanted everyone in America to know that they are being watched, and that they will find you.

Of course, despite the fact that it is obviously illegal to blackmail someone like this – it’s extortion whenever you threaten to cause someone harm in exchange for them doing something for you – law enforcement did not investigate.

But God investigated.

He found Kaczynski to be wanting.

And He gave his child cancer.

I’m not going to celebrate a child getting cancer, but what I will say is this: Kaczynski deserves it.

It is difficult to imagine anything more painful than seeing your infant child slowly die, and it is equally as difficult to imagine anything more evil than working for Jews to destroy the freedom of the Western man in order to drive him into slavery in a satanic high-tech prison society.

These people are all going to get what is coming to them – I can tell you that. They know nothing about the nature of this universe or the meaning of our existence. We are souls sent to this physical realm to be tested, so that God might see if we are ready to go experience something more than this. Those who do evil in this realm, and who do not repent of that evil, are failing this test.

In this life or the next, all of them will pay for what they’ve done.

Everyone is going to get exactly what they deserve.

I do not speak for God, and I have no idea how God would respond to Andrew Kaczynski attempting to make amends for the evil he’s done. What I do know is that his child getting cancer is a direct result of the evil that he’s done.

The child is undergoing chemo therapy, so there is apparently some chance she could live.

I know that if I were Andrew Kaczynski, and I was holding my cancer-riddled infant child, I would be begging God for forgiveness for the evil I had done, and I would be promising Him that I would make amends for it. I would publicly apologize for serving the murderers of Jesus Christ and I would publicly apologize to all of the people I’d harmed.

Andrew Kaczynski is a figure of monumental evil, having been the very first to engage in a high profile spectacle of tracking down and threatening a random individual. He must be dealing with the fact that the answer to “what did I do to deserve this?” is so very obvious in his case.

Of course, I doubt he will repent.

We have reached the point where those who serve the Jews are doing so while knowing that they are consciously doing evil. Perhaps in the 1960s, or even the 1990s, it was possible to serve the Jews while believing that what you are doing is right. Now, these Jews are flooding our neighborhoods with Somalians, they are injecting young boys with estrogen and chopping off their penises, they are banning people from attending church and openly celebrating violence against Christians. Anyone involved in leftism knows that they are doing evil.

However, when you go deep into that darkness, you pass a point of no return. People who serve the devil, and who partake of his gifts (power, primarily, in its various forms) become blind to the truth. By the time you get to the point where you’re working for CNN as a professional liar, hurting innocent Christians at the behest of Jewish masters, you don’t really even understand what Truth is anymore. When you tell lies, you’re always lying to yourself first, and this damages you.

I hope he does repent, and I hope when he does, the child is healed. The child doesn’t deserve to have to suffer for the evil of her father.

But God has made it clear that children will be punished for the sins of their fathers.