May Day Mayhem in France: Antifa Goes Ape for Communism! Antifa Works for the COPS!

I do not understand what the purpose of Antifa is.

As far as I’m able to tell, their primary purpose is to create chaos in order to justify a police state. Of course, they also serve as a kind of terrorist army for the state, attacking political dissidents that the state itself is not allowed to attack.

But these big things they do where they break all of these windows, seemingly for no reason at all – what purpose could this serve, other than to justify the existence and expansion of a large scale police state?

It’s May Day in France, and in Paris and Lyon, these people are just going totally apeshit.

Literally no one understands what this means.

May Day is a communist holiday – “International Workers’ Day.”

But what does creating chaos and smashing up random buildings do to promote communism?

Communists are against stores? It’s an anti-store agenda?

I guess I get being opposed to consumerism, but consumerism doesn’t somehow end because you smashed the window of a Zara and an H&M, or spray-painted a coffee shop. In literal terms, the only people that benefit from these actions are insurance companies and the police, and the government more generally.

When you have these outrageous, stupid, confusing riots, doing all of this property destruction, no one likes it, and it justifies the total militarization of the police.

Certainly, this doesn’t make people sympathetic to communism. If communists are violently anti-coffee shop and anti-clothing (very rarely anti-bank, they almost always target shopping areas), then most people will not be interested in their ideas. People drink coffee and wear clothes.

For any conceivable political agenda, Antifa is nonsensical, because normal people hate it.

Normal people then tolerate militarized police, who use brutal tactics against these hated Antifa. Then, you see, those brutal tactics can be used on other protesters – such as anti-lockdown protesters.

Antifa literally supports the lockdown and the entire coronavirus hoax.

They support every element of the globalist agenda, in fact, including insane global warming hoax taxes designed to crush the middle class.

Most particularly, they are anti-white, which is the primary agenda of the media and government establishment. They literally go out and attack people protesting all kinds of government corruption.

These people will attack anti-war demonstrations, claiming that being against neocon wars is “white supremacy.”

Why do people not push back against these goons and call them out as agents of the state?

I almost never see anyone other than myself saying this. But no one tries to explain what they are doing. The media in America says they want to destroy fascism, and supports them, but doesn’t explain how petty vandalism destroys fascism, or even explain what fascism is.

Fascism, apparently, is middle class white people – the very same middle class white people that the US government and all Western governments, along with globalist groups like the World Economic Forum, are targeting for destruction.

More people should talk about this issue.