Maximum Overdrive is Real: CNN Blames “A Car” for the Christmas Plowing Massacre

Look at this:

It was the car that did it.

A car.

A car is responsible.

Not the driver.

Not this guy:

The car did it.

It’s like… Maximum Overdrive.

CNN should have written “in this time when cars are now rising up and committing murders, we have to ask ourselves the one fundamental question: who made who?”

(AC/DC wrote that song for the film “Maximum Overdrive” about machines rising up and killing humans.)

Just imagine the comparison between this vehicular terrorist attack by a radical black on children and grandmas celebrating Christmas, and Kyle Rittenhouse shooting pedophiles and terrorists that were trying to kill him.

It’s just the boldness of it all.

The same people who are telling you “a car” attacked those people are telling you that the entire world is changing because of “a virus.”

Think about it.