Matthew McConaughey Polling Above Abbott and Beto for Texas Governor

All of our hearts were warmed by statements Matthew McConaughey has made against Hollywood Jewry and in support of Christianity.

I also like the fact that McConaughey starred in the first season of True Detective, which had a still-understated effect on the development of the anti-Pizzagate movement, having dealt with the issue of elite pedophilia and satanism.

That said, I’m not really sure that he’s a right-winger, per se.

Firstly, he’s married to a sultry Latina.

She’s Brazilian rather than Mexican or something, and a lot of Brazilians as we know are more right-wing. Their relationship is probably based mostly on Catholicism, which is good. But it’s still worth knowing that he is indeed married to a Latin person, and one of the main issues in Texas is Latin people, and the fact that so many of them need to be physically removed very quickly.

Moreover, though McConaughey is six million times better than the average filthy Hollywood rat, he is from Hollywood, and that should always be suspect. It’s possible that being a celebrity gives him room to move outside of the political machine and that this is a very good thing, but coming from Hollywood typically implies values and connections that are very bad.

Greg Abbott is of course horrible, and it is hard to imagine anyone being worse than him, other than a straight-up leftist.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

The poll conducted by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler shows 40% of Texans want McConaughey to run for governor. McConaughey, who grew up in Texas before attending the University of Texas at Austin, has considered a governor candidacy but has not yet put his hat in the race.

Asked about McConaughey against Gov. Greg Abbott, 43% of Texans favor the “Dallas Buyers Club” actor over the Republican incumbent, who had 35% support. An additional 22% of the 1,106 people polled prefer someone else.

Up against Beto O’Rourke, a former Democratic congressman who previously ran for a U.S. Senate seat and later the president of the United States, McConaughey has an overwhelming advantage. The poll found 49% of Texans support McConaughey more than O’Rourke, while O’Rourke had 27% support.

Things got more interesting when people in the poll were asked asked their preferences on the actor versus either candidate. If voters had the option of all three, Abbott has the advantage at 37%, compared with McConaughey at 27% and O’Rourke at 26%.

In my analysis of the doomed state of America, whoever is the governor of Texas has the single most important role of anyone in the country in terms of fixing up the best possible outcome of The Doom.

Texas is the number one state that has always wanted to secede, and secession is going to be what is necessary to save any remnant of this country from total destruction.

McConaughey hasn’t presented a platform yet, or even said which party he would be associated with (if either). It’s possible that he would end up changing the course of history if he were to get elected as Texas Governor and then stand up against the Democrat machine in Washington. I don’t think that’s very likely, but it’s possible. It’s certainly more likely than that crippled coward and Jew-sucker Abbott ever doing anything.

McConaughey has yet to go full anti-vax, but he has spoken out against the plan to vax the children, which is more than we can say about Wheelchair Greg the Jew-lover.

Here’s the deal: Ron DeSantis is solid. He’s going to push back against the Biden government, and I don’t think he is stupid enough to try to run for president under this totally rigged system. He is more likely to hold Florida and push for expansion of his own executive power in that state.

If there was a counterpart in Texas willing to do the same as DeSantis is doing in Florida, then we’d have a budding confederacy on our hands.

Governors have a lot, lot, lot of executive power which has thus far not really ever been seriously considered, at least in modern times, with everyone focused on national politics. National politics are totally pointless now, given the mail-in voting and other election rigging, so insofar as we are paying attention to politics at all, we need to be focused on state elections in red states.

It’s kind of hilarious to roll the dice on a Hollywood actor as a key figure in the fending off of The Doom, but given the failures of Abbott, I think it makes sense to roll the dice on McConaughey. There’s nothing really left to lose at this point.

I think McConaughey does genuinely love America, and probably is not especially political, so it’s possible that he could be open to ideas. If he sees big time support from anti-immigrationist anti-vaxers, he might just go ahead and lean into that.