Matthew McConaughey Carefully Discusses the Difficulties of Being a Christian in Hollywood with Joe Rogan

Matthew McConaughey is one of the few openly Christian popular figures in Hollywood. Like Mel Gibson before him, he stays out of the insanity of Hollywood, living instead in Austin, Texas with his wife and kids.

He appeared this week on Joe Rogan, and they discussed some of the difficulties that Christians face in Hollywood.

Joe Rogan, to my great surprise, actually said: “A lot of Jewish folks are in Hollywood, and that seems to be okay with a lot of people, but some other religions, particularly if you’re a fundamentalist Christian or if you have Christian values, a lot of people frown upon that.”

I have never heard Joe Rogan say “Hollywood is run by Jews” before. They absolutely do not want people saying that, even if they say it in a nice way.

It could well be that Joe Rogan has finally had enough, what with this thing with Spotify pushing him around, and he’s ready to stand up and defend himself. I’ll tell you, there is nothing in this world sadder than a white man with tens or hundreds of millions of dollars – which Joe Rogan has and which he made for himself – cowing to the mob. I keep saying, “surely, at some point Joe is going to defend himself,” and it just never happens.

But if he’s going out there saying “Hollywood is run by Jews and they hate Christ and Christians,” then it might well be that something is bubbling up in him, and he’s ready to take a stand.

By the way: it still isn’t known if Joe Rogan’s wife is Jewish or not. It is suspected that she is. But we haven’t actually confirmed it. I once printed that she was, and then I ran a retraction because I was sent information showing that it wasn’t confirmed. I have come to the conclusion that she probably is. But it isn’t confirmed.

But having a Jewish wife doesn’t necessarily exclude him from rebelling against the Jews. It makes it a whole lot less likely, but it doesn’t make it totally impossible.

We shouldn’t give up on Joe.

Beyond that: we should pray for Matthew McConaughey, and ask God to move him to go further in talking about just why it is that Hollywood hates Christ and Christians and pushes this anti-Christ agenda onto America.

At this point: no one really has anything left to lose. Everything that any of us has can be lost at any moment. More importantly: none of it is really worth anything in a country that is the hell that these people are turning our country into.

Here’s the full Rogan McConaughey episode.