Matthew Heimbach joins National Action and Jared Wyand in Mass Twitter Purge

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2017

As the Trump era unwinds, the poles are shifting in political correctness, but one third rail still remains: “Hey, Jewish people, stop trying to commit homicide against my people.”

Even as the tranny domino pushes down the feminist domino which pushes down the immigration domino, this final frontier on the crime-think chessboard remains surrounded by a sea of pawns – of both colors. This is especially stark when looking at how such issues are tackled, for example “racism” and “anti-Semitism” are always presented as distinct, as if putting a magnifying glass over Jews is some kind of unique evil.

Twitter has unbanned a number of personalities like Richard Spencer, but remains adamant on ruthlessly stifling even the friendliest and most rule-abiding heavy handed critics of Jews. While Twitter insists these bans are about the violation of abuse or trolling rules on its platform, the truth is that they are usually coupled with unrelated, real world developments. This was especially clear with the banishment of National Action activists, who were banned from social media shortly after the British government declared their political organization illegal.

Now Matthew Heimbach has been taken out for simply quoting a historical figure and using triple parenthesis.

Washington Post:

When Twitter started cracking down on users who were engaging in “hateful conduct” in November, the Southern Poverty Law Center published a list of white nationalists whose accounts appeared to be unaffected by the move. At the top of that list was Matthew Heimbach, a 20-something white nationalist who used his Twitter account to promote racist, anti-Semitic beliefs.

For a portion of 2016, Heimbach had a verified Twitter account, a designation that is seen as an implicit symbol of status for some Twitter users and has, in the past, been taken away from others for breaking the platform’s rules. But as of Tuesday, Heimbach’s account has been suspended on Twitter.

In November, Twitter announced that it wanted to make it easier for people to report violations of that policy, and that it had “retrained” its moderators to enforce it more consistently. Twitter has long struggled to address calls for the platform to do more to combat trolls, harassment and abuse. In the past, critics have cited Heimbach’s verified account as part of the evidence that Twitter still wasn’t doing enough to enforce those policies.

A person familiar with the matter flagged several of Heimbach’s past tweets. One such post reads, “Remove Jewish bankers and kebab #MakePeaceIn5Words.” Another, in reply to other users, says “Literally the answer is to remove (((them))),” using a racist meme that has been used by white supremacists to identify Jewish people.

A third tweet reads, “Leftist protesters blocking the road with weapons, threats and violence while making you fear for your life? #HitTheGas”

Public images of Heimbach’s past tweets also show a history of tweets quoting Nazi leaders, and calling for his supporters to “remove” Jewish people from society.

To add additional context, even though I didn’t really use my Twitter much, I was banned from there for asking State Farm – after they published an interracial advertisement – why mixed race couples in the media are almost exclusively black men with white women when this isn’t even one of the most common pairings of the sort. 98% of all white people marry within their race, in fact Asian man and white woman couples (something we instinctively assume is the least likely interracial pairing) are almost as common (7% of racially mixed marriages) as the preferred Jewish gaslighting trope of black-on-blonde (8.6%).

But pointing that out is racist so Jewish activists on social media mass reported me until I was banned.

I can’t imagine the headache for people that put in years of work into building a large social media following. Twitter and Facebook don’t just suspend you from continuing your activity while giving you a chance to record and transfer your work, but instead function on the level of the old Hebrew proverb of Yimakh Shemo – May Your Name Be Obliterated For All Eternity. That’s how you know exactly (((who))) is overseeing this distinctly non-Western hostility towards the market place of ideas social media initially purported itself to be champions of.

Let the Jews continue their overreach against those of us who are only asking questions. One day their lack of interest to negotiate or even respect us will push our folk so hard that the aforementioned magnifying glass will be reflecting scorching light from the Black Sun on their pear shaped bodies.