Matt K. Lewis is Down on His Knees Begging You Not to Call Him a Cuckservative

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2015

Yesterday, we dealt with the cuckservatives Robert Stacy McCain and Erick Erickson. Today, we meet another of the internet media wing of this movement: Matt K. Lewis.

Writing for the Daily Caller last week, Lewis was one of the first cuckservatives to publicly voice their outrage at being called what they are. Now, he’s written a follow-up piece The Week to further attempt to explain that he is not a cuckservative and the people calling him that are evil racists.

The whole situation is surreal. These people are being attacked for taking a liberal position on race, and their response is to use liberal insults about “racism,” and thus confirm beyond doubt the initial point of those attacking them.

Lewis writes:

Of course, America’s race relations issues have myriad causes, many of them centuries in the making. But today, an increasingly vocal contingent of people on both sides are very angry — and essentially preaching a message of exclusivity and separatism.

Let’s begin with the white supremacists who have coined an ugly new term called “cuckservative” to skewer conservatives who are more interested in ideas and inclusion than tribalism.

“White supremacists,” “ugly,” “tribalism.”

And you say you are the ones with ideas? If you have ideas, why do you respond to our ideas with name-calling, rather than opposing ideas?

And what exactly are your ideas, anyway? I don’t know of a single one which matters or is positive in any way.

Off the top of my head, mainstream conservatives have the following “ideas”:

  • Free trade
  • Shekels to Israel
  • Something about the Export-Import Bank

That is honestly all I can think of, Matt.

How about providing us a list of the ideas you are interested in?

Inquiring minds, cuck.

For my part, as a non-cuck who holds what used to be considered “conservative values,” I – just off the top of my head – care about the following issues, in this order:

  • Immigration
  • Faggots, feminists and the general destruction of family values
  • Black people
  • Criminal trade deals

Most of all, I care about the common denominator between these and all other issues I have: Jews.

Anyway, back to you, cuck.

I’ve been on the forefront of pushing back against this term’s usage — as has Erick Erickson and other mainstream conservatives. (The term, as you might have guessed, has both racial and sexual implications.)

That is why it’s perfect. The war you cucks are waging against us has both racial and sexual implications.

The “cuckservative” slur has gained prominence in recent weeks, as it has largely been deployed against conservatives (like yours truly) who would dare criticize Donald Trump for his rampant racism. Make no mistake: There is a real strain of racism on the far right, and Trump’s surge seems to have emboldened them to scurry out of the shadows to skewer the vast majority of American conservatives who actually have compassion and humanity.

The entire point is that we are pro-White, Matt. There is no other angle. We support the continued existence of White European Christian Civilization. By insulting us as “racists,” rather than acknowledging that we have actual gripes (regardless if you agree with the points we make), you are proving that your own goals are to destroy White European Christian Civilization.

The sad thing is that there are race-related issues, like criminal justice reform, that good people on both sides of the aisle should be working toward. But passing meaningful reform will require building a coalition. That means addition, not subtraction. That requires inclusion, not exclusion

But we don’t want that, Matt.

“Criminal justice reform” is simply not an issue that any White Christian conservative cares about, on any level whatsoever.

We want Black drug criminals to either

a) stay in prison, or

b) go back to Africa

You are not engaging our ideas. You are just lecturing us on how we are evil. That is not how you have a political discussion. If you were capable of beating us in the realm of ideas, you wouldn’t resort to such snakelike tactics.

We used to believe in a pluralistic society. This was a foundational American value embraced by mainstream conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats.

No, it wasn’t. The Founding Fathers all owned slaves and never would have even imagined allowing women to vote or legalizing sodomy. In 6 million years they never would have imagined it.

What you are saying is simply lies. It has absolutely zero connection to factual, historical reality.

Thomas Jefferson: The diametric opposite of Matt K. Lewis
Thomas Jefferson: The diametric opposite of Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis, along with the rest of these cuck media snakes, should be thrown in prison for purposefully trying to subvert the foundational principles of the United States by purposefully disseminating disinformation in a campaign to destroy the country.