Matt Heimbach Travels to Charleston to Make Statement on Black Church Shooting

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2015

Matthew Heimbach at the Charleston memorial service for those slain in the church killing.

This week’s Trad Youth Podcast will be a little bit late as Heimbach has been traveling to Charleston, where he was asked to make a statement about the church shooting.

ABC News tried to set him up and goad him into saying something silly, but they were unable to and had to stitch together past interviews in their attempt to demonize him.

Succeeding in making them refer to him as a White Separatist instead of a White Supremacist, Matt took charge of the interview from the start.

He had this to say while he was being interviewed at the memorial service, when they tried to frame him as being supportive of terrorism.

“My first gut reaction when I heard about the shooting was, ‘Uh no,’ because there is no circumstance where taking the lives of civilians, innocent women and children, that’s never OK.” He said, adding “It’s very important to show that the white separatists community does not believe in using terrorism against civilians.”

They then tried to blame White Nationalist ideology for the killing, but Matt was having none of it.

“The left that persecutes and hates white culture, white identity and the Christian faith, they are the ones that are responsible because you will push individuals only so long before they react,” he said. “You cannot step on an individual forever before they decide that they are going to bite back and that’s what we see.”

As has become common in the media furore around Roof’s misdirected response to Black on White crime, they then brought up the confederate flag and Matt’s connection to it.

How he used to take part in civil war re-enactments and that it was from there that he progressed to his positive stance on White identity.

Refusing to allow himself to be tricked into seeming ashamed of his beliefs, Matt’s last words to the interviewer were: “White people are waking up, White people are reacting and I pray and hope that they come and join me through this struggle politically.”

The Trad Youth logo was clear throughout so hopefully any other Dylann Roofs watching will join up with them instead of going out and shooting up a Black church.