Matt Hale Out of Solitary Confinement

Andrew Auernheimer
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2016


For over a decade Matt Hale was subject to torture. For those unfamiliar with his story, he was a lawyer disbarred for daring to speak openly about the facts of racial differences. They arbitrarily barred him from his career forever, for no reason other than he thinks whites should have nations of their own. As he continued to persevere to speak in advocacy of white racial identity in defiance of the Jewish sabotage of his livelihood, he was later imprisoned on an obviously false charge of murder-for-hire through extremely questionable evidence reliant entirely on the word of a single federal informant. It was the word of a junkie against a respected lawyer and a pillar of his community, but since the respectable lawyer was a neo-Nazi white supremacist he was of course guilty, even though it was only a kike-worshipping junkie’s word that convicted him.

Since being sentenced in 2005 Matt was held in ADX Florence, which subjects all prisoners within it to permanent solitary confinement and managed communications. All the prisoners I know of there are mass murderers, terrorists, or men that killed prison guards. Then there’s Matt, who has never hurt anything but the feelings of nonwhites.

Solitary confinement is extremely damaging. It causes brain damage so profound you can see it on a PET scan or EEG. It’s permanent “parenchymal atrophy” which means the brain loses mass as its cells die from lack of stimulation. I myself was subject to a stint in solitary confinement much shorter than Matt’s and it has had profound and damaging effects on my cognition. If anyone plays the board game go, I am six stones weaker. I am quantifiably less intelligent as a result of the tortures of solitary confinement, and there is no indication in medical literature that you ever get what you lose in there back. Objectively solitary confinement is more damaging than having razors shoved underneath your fingernails, or being shocked with a car battery.

Every white prisoner I’ve ever seen who acted in defense of their people gets an extended period of solitary confinement. They wish to attack intellectual whites and destroy their ability to influence the folk through our greatest weapons of rhetoric and polemic.

When that pedo Jew Jared got his face bashed in by a good Germanic warrior, Steven Nigg, a loving campaign of letters and support from the Stormer Troll Army lifted his spirits while he was punished with solitary confinement. I know some of you have received replies and he appreciates it and is in good mood.

Matt Hale has had a much harder time. Last week he was finally released from ADMAX to a medium security prison. He’s been in solitary a over a decade now, and was denied the ability to receive letters from the public. He needs to reconnect with the world, and the knowledge that people out here appreciate his sacrifices. Tell him how the world has changed, how things are turning around in 2016, how we’re going to win as a people and on the day of victory we will remember how he fought for us.

Matthew F. Hale 15177-424
FCI  G-1 Unit
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47802
A letter to a prisoner can make a huge difference in their lives and give them a sense of hope for the outside world. Take a minute out of your day to show Matt some appreciation. Send him a letter or a book (you can’t ship him a book from home, it has to come from a publisher or major retailer and also has to be paperback). It makes a huge difference.